students should be rewarded or punished

teacher shoud punished or rewarded

For the teacher there are two main actions to make a students perform better in the field of study. Actually, there are many method teacher can do, but to make a general there are two main actions, rewarded or punished.

In school there are many teachers whom students met so they may face different character. Some teacher prefer to reward the students even if they fail. The reason because to make a student feel appreciated what they done, then they may perform better. At the other hand some teacher like to give punishment when the students fails. Punishment surely can make student aware about they work so they will not make a same error again.

From those views it seems that all the method whether punished or rewarded work well. Rewarded students can perform better as well as punished student. Yaa because those view just the positive one. Lets see about the negative impact.

Even rewarded student feel the work always been appreciated, the work would not grow better as good as punished students. They did not know if they work is not good. They just think they are genius and they can do anything. This type of students also do not know what kind of error they have made. All they know is just correct, correct and correct.

Now lets see the negative point from a punished student. Well we agree that the student with punished method will know they error, they would always fix it because they know if they would not, they punishment wait for them. However, this type of student will have a lack of confident. They think they can work, well because they know their teacher always punish them even with a simple mistake. This is absolutely bad for children psychology, because they mental is pushed and they may become a bad person in the future.

Lets take a look about the cons and pros. We know that, each methods both rewarded and punished have its positive and negative impact. So the best approaching idea to deal with students, is using both method in the right situation. If the students work well and just have a little mistake we may use the rewarded approach. In the other side, if the student make so many errors then we should try to fix it first. After that, when you see the students do fix their error you also need to use the rewarded method.

However, if students abandon and did not pay the attention to what the teacher do for their development this is what we say "a problem". As a result, they do not care about their error and making the same errors again and again. In this situation rewarded approach won't work. then the punishment should be given. Remember, the punishment also should be a good thing, never torture the student or make the feel guilty. Just punish them with additional homework, additional class or anything that can help for the students' development. In fact a good teacher, always know the best punishment for their student, based on the situations of that student face. So be a smart teacher, not a cruel teacher.

how long you should study per day


Study, yeah everybody know what this word means. It means that you need to do something to get some new skill or knowledge. Probably, its not only about getting new knowledge but it is also to strengthen your skill that you already have now. Okay back to the topic, how long do you need to study per day, it is okay for 1 hour per day, or 2 hours, 3 hours or more. Aha, it is now getting exciting right. Well lets see the explanation.

You should know that, each person and each individual has different strength as how long the can focus on studying. Okay lets see, some people can enjoy study more that 2 hours and they get everything what they learn for. Other, cannot focus for along time, they feel boring or the are not focus when they learn for an hour. Now you see that, the second characteristic will not last for studying even an hour.

So what happen if they cannot focus on studying but they force to do it. Well since they cannot focus anymore, it will difficult to get an effective study anymore. Unless they gain the focus back to themselves then then it probably good.

Now, I believe that, you could just what type you are. Are you 1 hour learner? 2 hours, 3 hours, or just 30 minutes. Ya you decided it. You should know that, them most important thing about studying is not about how long, but how effective you study is. Effective study means you study and you get what you want to study. I mean you get what your goal for studying. Do not study for nothing. There is absolutely wasting time, when you study for a long time but what you get is nothing.

You probably just real just like reading for nothing. Then you got nothing to remember. Studying 30 minutes but effective is much better than studying for 3 hour but get nothing to remember. Now make sure that you can study effectively. However, if you can hold an effective study for a long period of time, it is absolutely brilliant. But, some people need to do practice in order to persist the effective study. You absolutely can add more time for your effective study if you want to practice. But yaa you need to accustomed to do an effective study then you can add more extra time, when you get comfort zone to do that.

But, I think it is okay to force you to study hard, however what I want you to highlight is keep your study effective and do not let your time waste for nothing. Good luck dude and keep studying to reach our goal and dream.

How to spend holiday


Holiday, its sound yummy, just like a delicious cereal that we are waiting for. After we work, from Monday until Friday, finally the holiday arrive. Ya we are happy about holiday so that we need to make our holiday become a quality holiday. The quality holiday means that we spend our holiday by having a precious activity that we need. It is important to make our holiday as an happy day to fix our mood. So the question might be, how could we make precious holiday. What activity that we should do. The answer is depend on your need dude. Buy hey do not worry I will give you some good option how to make a precious holiday

1. Shopping
You do have any plan for today or no one ask you go outside for this holiday. Relax dude, there is a precious activity that make you enjoy your life its called shopping. To make it works as planned, before you go shopping, I recommend you to make a list what are you going to buy. If there is nothing you want to buy, and you have nothing in the list, you could simply go to the supermarket, or a mall to refresh you brain, and see what the think would make you want to have. If it is possible just buy and grab it. Oh yaa, shopping also has a disadvantage which is it will eat your money bro. So just do this activity if you have some additional money okay.

2. Meet your friend or colleagues
You probably spend your time in working and doing some activity again and again. You also probably meet the  same guy in the office every time. I know it is boring dude. Lets meet other people. Yaa the others who miss you a lot because you have not seen them for a long time. On the holiday lets spend your time with them, tell them about anything good, make a good discussion, or go having fun with them. It will make your holiday become the precious holiday, trust me.

3. See your family
You know what your family miss you a lot. They always hope you to spend a little your time with them. But it seems that you look so busy for them. So let enjoy your holiday with your family. Ask them to go everywhere. They will follow you especially if you ask them to go for the holiday trip. Enjoy your day together with them, just like when you enjoy with them when you were a kid.

4. Sleep
Oh come on man, should I put this activity on the list. ahh ya I think I should. You know at some point we want to do anything. Just wanna lay on the bed. It seems that we are tired for all along the week, then I think sleep is the best option. Oh well, I think ya you can do this as your activity but hey, do not sleep every time when spending your holiday. Sometime you need to go outside dude. Alright. Huh I think you understand what I mean.

5. Do an exercise
To make you in a shape, ya use your holiday time to have some exercise. Yap even some people have their routine time for exercising. You could go for jogging, having a gym, bicycling, or other activity that make a sweat. Exercise is very important for you especially if you just spend your working time just sitting on the chair.

Well guys, I think those are the example activity that you could try for your holiday. Actually there are still may activity that you could do for your holiday. the important thing is make sure that your holiday does not go for nothing. Make sure that you enjoy your holiday and make your mood happy. The when you holiday ends, you are ready and fit to work and back to your routine again.

what should I write on my blog


I know that you have many plan on your blog. You want to make your blog become the biggest blog in the world ahh I know it sounds a bit naive but, well lets say that you want to make your blog to be a blog that give you a money. mmm yaa it sound possible. To make a good blog absolutely you need to write. Ya you probably want to write but you stuck. You have no idea what you are going to write. Then what you will probably do. How could you get an idea or topic to write well lets take a look on this phenomenon.

You know what, if you just consider on the topic all the time, believe me you will face such a difficulty in starting. You probably think a topic for a decade while you won't start to write at all. So the solution is just go man. Let it flow. What you need to do is, just write the think inside you brain. What ever it is, just change it into the words. Trust me you have a lot of thing inside your brain. For instance, you could write what your friend said to you today, or what you got from the movie. Anything but writing. Do not think the topic so much dude. Even if you got many topic from the internet but the topic won't interest you, trust me, it will be very boring.

Well that the fisrt theory, how about the second. Ya, I would like to recommend you for what you want to learn, and that what are you going to write. If you have something to learn, then you need to write it. The reason is simple because writing can also help you to learn. While you are writing, you are learning at the same time. Believe me it is very helpful, especially if you want to remember about some theory, then if you write those theory, it also would help you to remember it.

The last is, write what your daily life, your style, your habit, etc. Each person have its unique. Those unique probably does not interest you so much cause you already have it, but dude, listen to me. You probably do not know there are a lot of people who want to be like you. There are many people like the others style. Trust me, we probably do not see our ability, but sometime people do. So just share what you skill is. Whatever it is, just share. Even if it sounds to be stupid but just share dude. I give you an example, I can cook easily, without thinking, even I can cook a food that is more delicious that a rigors recipe. But I don't think it is an important skill but my family think what I have, is a big talent. So, lets tell the people what you skill at, than they will like you even admire you.

That I think it comes to an end. So that all about my writing. So, what do you think dude. are you confuse, haha , anyway thank for read my writing. I hope you enjoy it. Do not forget to check my next writing. Good bye. oh yeah one more, this is an example of writing when I have no idea what should I write lol.

3 points of how to memorize fast


Memorization is an important skill in daily life. By having a good memorization, people would respect you, and you probably known as a smart person. However, each person has a different ability of memorizing. Well, in common, I would like to differ 4 type of human brain in memorizing;

1. Fast and durable of memorizing
This type is the best type of memorize ever. A person who have this type usually labelled as a smart person. When the person try to remember something, they only need a small amount of time, but what he/she try to remember will be last for a long period of time.

2. long time and durable of memorizing
The person with this type has a strong memorization but it takes time to remember something. He/she might read many time before he could remember what he want to save in his/her brain

3. Fast but not durable
Some people would be so fast to remember something, but what he want to remember its not durable. He probably could answer what he want to remember for the exam, however after the exam he/she could forget everything what he/she has remembered

4. long time and not durable
For the person who suffer this type of memorization, is a bit difficult to remember. However, When after this person, spend a lot of time to memorize something, it could be gone easily in a day. It could be bring of frustration situation indeed.

Anyway, If you are the person who has a type number one, I think you could skip this 3 ways of memorization because you do not need it at all. However, for those who are the type number 2, 3, and 4, This type of memorization would help you so much.

1. Please relate what you want to remember to the other thing. For example when you want to remember you need to 5 dollar for your friend, please remember what the 5 dollar looks like. You might remember the picture, the writing style of the money, etc. The point is always make a relation to other thing what you want to remember, because when you forgot, you could call your memory back by using the related thing that you have remembered.

2. Write what you want to remember. Believe or not, writing could help your memory last. After you memorize something, then you write what you have memorize, it strengthen you memory level and help it to stay in your brain for a long time.

3. Keep practicing to remember. If you want to have strong memorization, you should practice to use your memory. There are many tips on the internet, how to enhance your memory power, then you should do that. You may also need to ask your friend with a good memorization how he/she usually memorize something. Actually people has different strategy of how they remember something, and find the strategy that is best for you.

So, that all of the tips from me, I hope you enjoy my tips and be a smart person by have an excellent memory.