Cinderella evolution drama

I want to share this text especially for you all student, maybe your teacher asked you to make a drama for an assignment so you can copy this drama. So please take an action for this drama as cool as possible because I was a prince here hahaha :D

 Cinderella is a beautiful girl. However, she lost her mother. When her father got married again and went away, he left Cinderella. She always treated like a servant by her step mother and her step-sister.

One day, the queen held a dance party to find a mate for Prince. Cinderella wanted to go to the party, but her step mother and her step sister did not give permit. With help of fairy god mother, Cinderella can go to the party, but she must back home before 12 o'clock at night, because after 12 o'clock the magic is lost.

After 12 o’clock at midnight, Cinderella left the palace. However, accidentally, she left her favorite shoes. Prince who has fallen in love with her, held a contest whoever fits the size of her feet with special boots, will marry with the Prince.

When Cinderella try the special boots, it fits and Cinderella also has another pair of boots. Prince was immediately applied for Cinderella. After that, the Prince took Cinderella to the palace. However, the story was not finished.

When the Prince took Cinderella to the palace. . . .

(In the arena there was Princess Irakus and Queen, who was sitting in a chair. Cinderella and the Prince come in the arena)

Queen: (stand up and pointed Cinderella) Who is that girl, Prince??

Prince: This is the girl who would become my wife.
Queen: are you sure to choose a woman like this?

Prince: Yes, we love each other. (Cinderella and Prince each other face to face, holding hands and smiling.)

Queen: What? You choose women who look like this maid?

Prince: Although it looks like a maid, but her heart as 24 karat gold.

Queen: You said her heart like a rusty gold? But Prince. I had found a suitable pair for you Prince. She is the daughter of the Jatuh Bangun Kingdom.

Prince: But Mother. . . .

Queen: She is a very beautiful woman. Moreover, she is kind woman, not arrogant, and diligent saving. If we are united with the kingdom of the Jatuh Bangun Kingdom, will be very big kingdom.

Prince: But I love Cinderella, Mom.

Queen: It should not be! You just have to marry Princess Irakus.

Prince: Irakus? Strange name. But I still refused.

Queen: You should be!

Prince: No!

Queen: Just have to!

Prince: No way, mom!
Queen: Damn you! Has denied the command of parents!

King: (come into the arena) .. Stop! What is this? Who is she?? (pointing Cinderella)

Prince: This is my designate wife, Dad.
King: Oh, this is your bride. So this woman who won the contest's boots. (With a glance at the worn boots Cinderella)

Prince: Yes, Father. She even has another pair of  boots.

Queen: But I've found a soul mate for Prince! She is the daughter of the Jatuh Bangun Kingdom.

King: Yes I have. That's up to Prince alone!

Queen: But, my husband. I do not agree with your decision. I never let Prince marry with the maid. Do not be mad!

King: (think for a moment) Yes. Well... What if  we are holding a competition?

Princess Irakus: (standing) what type of competition , My Lord?

King: If you win the competition, you are going to marry the Prince. If she wins, she will be married to Prince. Is there anyone don’t  agree with my decision?

Queen: you give a stupid idea!

Princess Irakus: Well then, I accept, My Lord.

Queen: What? You accept that weird challenge? (Angry)

Princess Irakus:come on Queen Mother. Besides I'm sure I could beat her.

Cinderella: (holding hands)

King: What is it, Miss? You do not agree with my decision?

Cinderella: I agree with your decision My Lord.

King: So, why are you holding hands?

Cinderella: Never, My Lord. I just want to agree with yours.

King: Oh yes. You have not introduced myself. What is your name?

Cinderella: My name is Cinderella. actually it's just my nickname. The name was given by my step mother and step sister who was always mean to me.

Queen: Alaah! Use vent all!

King: So, who's real name?

Cinderella: But, my real name is too long.

King: Tell me

Cinderella: My real name is Sintia Mocu Claudia Bella Abraba Cornelius Protectus Margaretha Barbara Alfonso Da Equil.

Princess Irakus: But, her name is nothing if we compare it with mine. I can mention it now.

King: Enough! Why we have to fight just because of name?

(all paused)

King: What about you? Do you agree, My son?

Prince: I agree with all of your decision, Dad.

Queen: What? You accept that weird decision but you deny my order?

King: Okay! If you agree, the competition begins tomorrow morning at 9:00 till finish.

Queen: But, what kind of competition the king?

King: There are three competitions will be held as follows:

1). cooking competition
2). Drawing competition.
3). The competition is still a secret

Are you ready?

Cinderella & P. Irakus: Ready, Your Honor.

King: okay. I wait for ya tomorrow. bye! (leave the arena followed by  Cinderella and Prince, holding hands)

Queen: We must develop a plan to lose in the competition's Cinderella.

Princess Irakus: Yes, I agree with you.

Queen: Here, I whisper.

Princess Irakus: Uh ...!

Queen: How not?
Princess Irakus: Yes, yes.

Princess Irakus: That's the billion idea!

Queen: Brilliant.

Princess Irakus: Yes. That's what I mean.

Queen & Princess Irakus: Ha ha ha ha ha. . . .

(Queen and Princess Irakus leave the arena).

The next day. . . .

(All entry arena)

King: You've been ready to carry out the first competition?

Cinderella & P. Irakus: of course. . . .

King: servant! Prepare the ingredients and cooking tools!

Servant: yes. my lord.

(Guards prepare utensils)

King: The first competition is officially open cooking competition. Cheers!

(King, Queen, and Prince sat in the dining room, while Cinderella and Princess Irakus busy cooking.)

King: I wonder, who would win?

Queen: It must princess Irakus is going to win.

Prince: huh! Don’t be so confident!

Queen: hey! It’s up to me…

King: stop it! Do not fight! Watch this later!

Meanwhile in the kitchen. . . .

Cinderella: Princess Irakus, I entrusted my food for now. I want to go back first.

Princess Irakus: Take it easy! Your food will be saving with me!

Apparently, Princess Irakus have evil intentions. He sprinkled salt, sugar, pepper, MSG, and mayonnaise to taste the cuisine dishes Cinderella Cinderella becomes unpalatable. However, accidentally, princess Irakus forget putting salt into his own food.

(Cinderella went back into the kitchen).

Cinderella: Thank you, Been waiting for my food.

Princess Irakus: You're welcome. Oh, there were three flies landed in the batter food you know. But, I already chased it away.

Cinderella: Thank you very much.

After a long wait, finally Cinderella and princess Irakus completed their food. Finally arrived assessment Cinderella and Princess Irakus cuisine.

(Cinderella and Princess Irakus out of the kitchen and bring their own food to the dining room)

Cinderella: Enjoy, Your Honor.
King: Thank you. (Tasting food Cinderella) Emm. . . . Delicious food. Why do not you taste it son!

Prince: Emm. . . . This is the most delicious dishes of all the dishes I have tried.

Princess Irakus: No way! My food is much more comfortable. If you do not believe it, taste it!

(All the dishes tasted Princess Irakus)

Queen: He's right! Princess Irakus cuisine dishes better than Cinderella. (Pretend)

King: My wife. Do you have any problems with your sense of taste? This dish is absolutely no taste. You said this delicious dish?

Prince: Yeah. Father was right. This dish is absolutely no taste.

Queen: Ew. . .

King: All right. Been decided. That the winner of the competition is. . . . Cinderella! Thus, while the 1-0 score for Cinderella. Applause for Cinderella!

King: Congratulations Cinderella.

Cinderella: Thank you.

King: I'm waiting for you tomorrow morning at 9.00 am for the second competition is a competition to sew.

(The king left the arena. This was followed by the Prince and Cinderella)

Queen: Irakus! Are you accidentally done it? Why is Cinderella so delicious cuisine while your food is absolutely no taste? (Angry)

Princess Irakus: my apologize, Nyai Queen. I. . . .

Queen: What? Nyai you call me? After you call me Aunt? (Getting angry)

Princess Irakus: I mean the Queen Mother. I've put the salt, sugar, pepper, MSG, and mayonnaise in a dish so that the dough of Cinderella, in order to mess it. But somehow it becomes delicious cuisine Cinderella.

Queen: idiot! That's the same with helping Cinderella to flavor her food! You should add a lot of vinegar or camel dung from Egypt as well!

Princess Irakus: I’m sorry, Aunt. Eh, I mean the Queen Mother.

Queen: Oh, never mind. Let it go. This should not happen again. Now, we prepare a new plan for the next competition.

(Queen and Princess Irakus left the arena and the guards came to clean the room)

The next day. . . .

(All entered the arena)

King: Good morning all! Are you ready for the second competition?

Cinderella & Irakus: Yes, we are ready.

King: the second competition is drawing competition…. Cheers!

Princess Irakus: Oh yes! The other day, His Majesty said third competition is still a secret. If so, what the third competition, Your Honor?

King: Competition is the third. . . . competition to dress the royal guard!

All: Huh? Dress the royal bodyguard?

Queen: But, Your Majesty. All employees sick chicken pox, except this one bodyguard.

King: Oh, yes yes as well. Last Sunday they were sick of the well. One more means less. (Thinks for a moment and then turned around to see the audience and pointed to the narrator) What if the narrator who become volunteers?

All: Agreed!

King: Narrator! Come here!

(The narrator went to King)

King: Guards! Prepare a chair and beauty tools!

Guards: Good, Your Honor.
(Guard set up a chair & beauty equipment. Then the Guards and the narrator sits in a chair)

King: Now you may begin to dress guards and the narrator and your time is 137.87 seconds from now!

(Cinderella and Princess Irakus dress guards and narrator)

Queen: Come on! Quick! Quick!

Princess Irakus: Yeah! Yes!

King: Time's up!

(Cinderella and Princess Irakus stop dressing Guards and Narrator)

King: (to see the face of the narrator and bodyguard) Wow! I'm telling you this so beautiful dressed bodyguards? Not created a such a clown!

Princess Irakus: Ma. . . sorry, Your Honor. This is all thanks to the Queen that mengesa my haste to dress guards.

Queen:-AEH AEH! Why are you so blame the Queen?

Princess Irakus: Queen emang one too!

Queen: One mean you know how? Why you so blame the Queen anyway? Base ingratitude! I've already helped you to make Cinderella lose! Moreover, the clothes tore my idea! (pause) Oops ...

All: Ooo ...

King: So, you guys are ripping Cinderella's dress?

Queen: It's not me! Princess Irakus it! (pointing Princess Irakus)

Princess Irakus: But that's the idea of ​​the Queen!

King: It was-it! So I decided to be married to the Prince is. . . . Cinderella!

Princess Irakus: No!

(Guards dragged away Irakus Princess)

Queen: With a very heavy heart, I thank you so in-law, Cinderella.

Prince: Finally we can unite, Cinderella.

Cinderella: Yes. Prince.

(Queen and King left the arena)

Prince: We can start a new life without offending anyone. I. . . . love you.

Cinderella: I love you too.

Finally, having endured a variety of competitions, Cinderella can be united with the Prince. They live happily ever after. . . .

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