best place to go in Indonesia


Kuta beach
When you go to bali, you should visit this place. I have one word for this place, AMAZING

Gong cave
Gong cave has been mentioned as the best cave in south east Asia. Inside the cave there are a unique shape of stone that is very unique.

Lake toba
Lake toba is a volcanic lake with the length 100 kilometer. This is the biggest volcanic lake in the world.

Dreamland is located in Bali. Many visitor go here because this place is one of the best beach place in bali.

Krakatau is an active volcanic Island in the sunda strain between jawa and Sumatra island. This place has a history of tsunami due to the volcano in 1883.

Carstenz pyramid
Carstenz pyramid is the highest peak in the Australia and oceania. You should try to visit this place

Lien kettle is one of the volcano in Indonesia. This is famous destination in Indonesia. So many foreigner go here to enjoy the atmosphere.

Raja ampat
Raja ampat is located in the wesr of papua.  This is the best place for you to go for diving bacuse there are amazing view under the sea that you could enjoy

comodo island
In comodo island you could find many old reptile called komodo. This island has a unique panorama.

Rinjani has a best mountain panorama among other mountains in Indonsia. You could enjoy the cool weather and stong winds on the peak of this mountain.

Maluk Beach
This beach has an amazing view with the sunshine and wave. Best place for you to get tan or enoying the wave. You can also go swimming in the blue sea.

how malware infect your computer

how malware infect browser

Have you ever found any advertisement appear on the popup of your browser but you do not surf any website. Well if this happen on you there is abig chance your browser aplication got the malware. To make sure those advertisement is a malware try to use another bowser and see if there any similar advertisements popup. Those malware can make your browser becoming slower. Even when you use the google you get redirected to the suck search engine. Or it could also open many website while you are doing nothing.

If you have those experience, you chance of getting infected by malware is very high. Malware is a program to ruin and take control your computer systems. There are many types of malware such as, rootkit, trojan, worm, virus, spyware etc.
Malware which give you advertismenet popup actually is not a virus instead an evil software of advertisement to get many dollars from the advertisement pop up.

Then how the malware get into your pc?
Usually it attacks the new computer use who have a little knowled about program. The common way of malware infection is by downloading illegal software. When you are downloading  and inside those software there malware bug which planted by the hacker then you got infected.
Many people try to donwload the unoriginal software because it is free, but they also have a high risk to get malware. It also happen when someone found the false download link which is redirected to the malware application.

The way to avoid malware attack is very simple. You should not download illegal software. I could say that, unoriginal software is contained many secret code because it has been cracked by someone. Then those code secret code may contain malware or something that we do not know. Just you the original software and download them from the trust website.
You also consider to integrated your antivirus into your browser, because some of malware easily detected by antivirus. Make sure your antivirus up to date.

Well if you got malware on your pc I suggest you to type what problem and what advertisement appear on your pc and try to it on google. Because there is so many type of malware which is has different treatment for each type.

best destination in aceh province of Indonesia


Aceh is one of provinces in Indonesia which is located in the peak of Sumatra  island. This province has a strong religious backround and uses semi-syariah system (law of islam). Since, Aceh belongs to Indonesia that is not Islamic country, Aceh cannot use law of islam fully just like Saudia Arabia. When people go to Indonesia, many of them interested to Bali because bali has a famous destination. However aceh also many amzing place to visit but they are not as famous as bali. If you visit Indonesia or Balie then you want to visit some amazing destination, there are some best place for you I recommend to visit Aceh;

Museum Tsunami
Have you ever hear about the tsunami in 2004. The giant wave hit Aceh and cause a havoc disaster. To remember the tsunami, Aceh has built a museum which has many collection about the history of Aceh including tsunami. If you wanted to make research maybe this could be the best place for you.

Mesjid raya
Since Aceh famous with the syaria of islam, Mesjid raya is the old history of islam in Aceh. Mesjid raya is a mosque located in capital of Aceh, Banda Aceh. If you are a foreigner you must wear a Islamic costume before entering this site.

Ie suum
Ie suum is a hot tube for you want to enjoy take a warm water. There are a hot natural swimming pool that you could enjoy. However remember still you must wear a proper costume if you want to visit aceh, because Aceh has a strict rule of islam.

Sabang is a beautiful beach like bali. However sabang is more natural than bali because it is not as famous as bali. If you want to enjoy the wave with a natura view you many try to visit sabang.

This place also has a natural view of beach. Eventough is not as beautiful as sabang, Lhoknga also let you to make a fun in a natural beach. Lhoknga is located close to mountain and sea so you could enjoy both of them with the antural fresh air.

So, If you visit Indonesia and you have already know much about bali then want to visit a new place, Aceh manybe a good solution for you.

why you should obey your parents

we should obey parents

You should know that, parents is the best human in this world that you have. You absolutely not in this world without your parents. From the beginning of your life, your parents always help you everyday, feed you, clean you, cheer you up, etc. When you become a  little boy, you parent send  you into school, give you some money, and pay your tuition.

Now you are teenager,  You need become greater than before, you aware with the fashion, style, gadget, vehicle, etc. When you asked all of those need to your parent, then they will buy it to you. Have you ever think that why your parent is very kind to you? Well the answer is very simple because they love you so much.

Day by day, years by years, then time passed, you become an adult. At this day, you do not need your parent help anymore, because you have already a great job. At the other hand your parent now grow old, the become weaker than before, sometime they may asking help to you. They question is would you like to help your parents.

Sometime when your old parent become an old person, they may act like a kid. They emotion is not stable anymore as well as their mind. They may look annoy you, then you could feel uncomfortable. Well, in fact when you were a kid, your parent always feel the same even worse then you feel right now. Your parents wake up on the midnight when you are crying, holding you every where, never let you down etc.

In conclusion, there  are no reason for you to disobey your parents need, if what they want is not a bad thing, then your job to fulfil your parents need is a must. There are no reason for you to feel annoy by your parent because  you become what you have now, is still because of you parents help and of course because the kind of the Allah. Never forget what your parents do for you.

If you act a bad thing for your parent, or broke they heart, then you are not a human even worse than an animal. So let make our parents happy as the same as when we were happy as a kid long ago.

the use of technology in britain from 1972 to 1983


Technology is always help people in in their life. Many people could work much easier than before thanks to the technology. Today in this post I would like to talk about the use of technology in Britain. Since 1972 to 1983, there are a significant raise in the use of technology. If you asked me how this phenomenon could occur, I would say that because the technology improvement.

Day by day experts always try to find something new in the technology. This program aims to make people get the easier live by the technology. For instance, the improvement of the telephone to the smartphone is absolutely help human more than before. Today people could call other where they want without any cable to connect them anymore.

Back to the technology in Britain, there are some scientific record about the technology use. From 1972 to 1983 there are six technology written in the report including, central heating, television, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, washing machine and telephone. All of them show the improvement of use. In addition, there are some technology did use in 1972 namely video and dish washer. The report did have data about the use of video except in 1983 while dishwasher began used in 1978.  This result could imply that, video and dishwasher is the most recent technology among the other.

So believe or not, technology has been use long time ago even before 1972. When we try to see a today report, the result of technology use is much greater than this report because there are so many new technology has been found.

From those explanation we could conclude that, technology always improve years to the years. The reason for this improvement because there are so many new born technology will be found. It also make people count the work more in technology to get the easier work of humanity.