how to take care the acne by herbal

how to take care the acne by herbal


Acne actually can go away automatically  for days or weeks. However there are some ways you can do to fasten the process. There are some ways you can do.

Acne is one of skin problems which commonly happen. This condition make such a uncomfortable feeling and for some people it could reduce your confident. There are some method you can do to tackle this issue whether by herbal or modern medicine.

Modern ways to deal with acne, as follow;

1. Wash your face routinely
To avoid the acne in your face you are recommended  to clean your face by using soap or soft face cleaner. Especially, after using make up or doing exercise. At least you could was 2 times a day.

2. Using toner
After having washed, you may apply tone on your face. Toner could clean dust or make up on your face. Toner also help to reproduce the pH on your skin so it avoid the skin becomes dry and help to reduce the oily skin. Anyway, it help you to overcome the skin problem including acne.

3. Moisturize
The next step is to keep you skin moisture. One of the ways is to put the moisturize on your face. If you keep your face moisture in the right way it could minimize your oil production on the face. Overall, it may help you to reduce the acne.

4. Use the sun block
After you apply the moisturizer do not forget to put the sun block. For some people the sun shine could make the acne grows. However, you need to consult to the doctor about the sunlight for your skin.

Natural ways to deal with acne, as follow;

1. Ice
You can help to minimize inflammation by the ice. Cover the ice with the cloth material, put it on your acne for one minute. This could help the acne to relief.

2. Egg whites
This material is not only for your acne, but also it could help you to take care your skin. You just need to apply the egg whites on your skin for ten minutes. Then wash it with the water.

3. honey
The next natural way to deal with acne is by using the honey.  Honey will maintain the good bacteria so fasten the heal of acne. To make the honey face mask, just mix the honey with cinnamon the put them on the microwave for 30 seconds.

4. Cucumber
This fruit can give you cool sensation so it may help the inflammation of acne.

To maximize the result, you also need to have healthy daily habit and controlling your diet. Do not forget to have an exercise to stay in fit. However, if the acne keep persist you need to consult to the doctor.
Money spent in school in United Kingdom

Money spent in school in United Kingdom


The essay above illustrate the money which was spent by school in UK in 1981, 1991, and 2001. There are five main categories namely teachers' salary, furniture and equipment, resources, other workers' salary and insurance.

First, in 1981, the teachers' salary was 40%. This was the biggest spending among others categories. For furniture and equipment, it was 15%. Resources spent about 15%. Then the funding also been used for 20% for others workers' salary. The lowest percentage was in insurance. It was 2%.

Second, in 1991, the teachers' salary was increasing for 10%. It was become 50% among others categories. For furniture and equipment, it became 5%. Resources has changed in to 20% which mean increasing. Other workers' salary also increased for 6%. Then Insurance got 3%.

Third, in 2001, the teachers salary decreased for 5%. However, there was a significant increasing for furniture and equipment. It was 23% in this year. In other hand, resources and other workers' salary decreasing from 20% to 9%.and from 22% to 15%. For the insurance, it was 8% in this era.

what you need to know when trying online business

what you need to know when trying online business


Today, there are a lot of things which you can try to obtain money via online, there are some way to get income without any assets to start. Lets take a look for some ways. How much money you can get from the internet? Maybe this is the first question that ma appear in your mind. In fact, the money you can get from the internet depend on some factors, for instance, how consistent you are in building such an online company.

You cannot get money in a short period of time, it need a long journey and process. So, you need to have such a persistence and strong commitment to get the income as you expected. There are some easy ways to get money from the internet;

1. Follow the affiliation program
2. Selling online
3. Join google AdSense program
4. Selling website
5. Become an blog writer

Before you try to get money from the internet, make sure, make sure that you have preparations and target for your plan. There are a thing you have before you try to get money.

1. Supporting device
The device which help you to connect to the internet. I could be laptop, computer or smartphone.

2. Internet connection
This connection is a must because this is the main feature you need to active in virtual world.

3. Comprehension
There are many thing you can do to earn money from the internet. However, you need to know and have some research what you need to do. For instance, you want to get money from the blog so you need to understand about google AdSense including their rules or policies.

4. Email
You should understand that email is very important, especially when you want to have connection to other people on internet. Email also become the main identification when you what to register in some companies on the internet.

5. Bank account
To change virtual money to the real money, you need the bank account. The account will help you to get the payment or to pay you employee in your company.

how rural island become tourism spot

how rural island become tourism spot


Before developing the city on the island, the urban planning has a record of the island development before and after the construction. This essay will describe the island improvement.

First, in the era of the island was constructed, it seems like a meadow land with very little three. This island is very quiet without any population who lives there. No tourist seems want to go there.

Second, after the land has been constructed, this island looks like a crowded city. There are so many houses have been built. It also has a main facilities such as restaurant and reception hall. In the sector of transportation, there are a splendid footpath and vehicle tracks been designed. This seems to attract a lot of tourists.

Third, the island also has a transportation route like a harbor. In addition, after it has been founded around the beach.  In conclusion, there are a significant development of the island before and after construction. Thus the island shows many interesting spots and facilities for foreign visitors.
the period to learn language

the period to learn language


There are some hypothesis that the earlier you learn language, the better your language skill. Some countries prohibit learning foreign language because it may disturb the mother tongue. While some experts say he best time to learn language is in the primary school. Do learning language has more benefits rather than its negative impacts? In this case the writer will try to elaborate how learning language in early age has more benefits.

First, in the early age, children is really interested in learning new things including language when we teach children about language most of them will give a lot of enthusiasm to the learning process. This factor is absolutely good for learning language.

Second, children have high level of curiosity. They may wonder about the language process which is good for encouraging them to learn more and more. Based on my experience in teaching English for young learner in Pidie Jaya regency the kids seems too wonder about the English because they want to know about it. In class, the kids were always active to ask some questions about English.

Third, children have a golden period of learning based on many research, children are able to learn faster when they are in the early ages. It is simply because their brain has an active stimulus of language which is decreasing as the ages add.

So, based on those reasons, learning in the early ages should have many positive impacts which outweighs the disadvantages. Thus, the writer highly recommend to learn language in the early ages.