daftar kata gerund dan infinitive

kata gerund infinitive
Pernah mendengar istilah gerund dan infinitve pastih kedua hal ini tidak asing bagi seseorang yang sedang belajar Bahasa inggris. Gerrund adalah suatu bentuk kata kerja yang ditambahkan ing baik itu subject, object, maupun complement. Sedangkan infinive adalah bentuk kata kerja yang ditambahkan to baik digunakan untuk subject, object, maupun complement. Jadi keduanya hampir memiliki fungsi dan kegunaan yang sama hanya saja memiliki aturan khusus berdasarkan kata kerjanya.

Sebagian kata kerja akan mejadi gerund jika bertemu dengan kata kerja gerrun begitu pula dengan infinitive akan ditambahkan to jika bertemu dengan kata kerja infinitive. Nah jika ingin mahir dalam Bahasa inggris tentu kalian harus menghafal kata kerja gerund dan infinitive agar grammarnya menjadi benar.

Berikut ini adalah daftar kata-kata kerja gerund dan daftar kata kerja infinitive. Silahkan dihafal dan diingat.

If you want able speaking english well, you have to know all about gerund, just only one way yoh have to memorize all for this word, look all text below :
(Verb with a bullet (*) can also be followed by infinitives)

Perhatian untuk yang bertanda * biasa dipakai juga untuk infinitive

-List following by gerund- (daftar kata-kata diikuti gerund)
1. Admit ( He admited stealing the monay.)
2. Advise* ( She advised waiting until tomorrow)
3. Anticipate (I anticipate having a good time on vacation)
4. Apreciate (I apreciated hearing from them)
5. Avoid (He avoide answering my question)
6. Can't bear* ( I can't bear waiting in long lines)
7. Begin* (It began raining)
8. Complete (I finally completed writting my term paper)
9. Consider ( I will consider going with you)
10. Continue* ( He continued speaking)
11. Delay (He delayed leaving for school)
12. Deny (She denied commiting the crime)
13. Discuss (They discussed opening a new business)
14. Dislike (I dislike driving long distance)
15. Enjoy (We enjoyed visiting them)
16. Finish (She finished studying about ten)
17. Forget* (I'll never forget visiting napoleon's tomb)
18. Hate* (I hate making slly mistakes)
19. Can't help (I can't help carying about that)
20. Keep (I keep watching television)
21. Like (I like going to mall)
22. Love* (I love watching movie)
23. Mention (She mentioned you are a liar)
24. Mind (Would you mind taking me out?)
25. Miss (I miss hearing radio tonight)
26. Postpone (I posponed going to party until I've done my homework)
27. Practice (I practice learning English)
28. Prefer* (I prefer watching to listening)
29. Quit (She quit watching horror movie)
30. Recall (I recall meeting her)
31. Recollect (I don't recollect meeting her)
32. Recommend (I recommend studying hard)
33. Regret* (I regret saying no for her)
34. Remember* (I can remember meeting him when i was a child)
35. Resent (I resent her interfering my business)
36. Resist (I couldn't resist eating the desert)
37. Risk (It risks exploding here)
38. Can't stand (I can't stand waiting you here)
39. Start (You start annoying me)
40. Stop (She stopped going to school when it was raining)
41. Suggest (She suggest saying to me)
42. Tolerate (She won't torate cheating during examination)
43. Try* (I try making a cake)
44. Understand (I don't understand his leaving school)

-Following by an Infinitive (daftar kata-kata diikuti infinitive)
1. Afford (I can't afford to buy it)
2. Agree (they agreed to help us)
3. Appear (She appears to be tired)
4. Arrange (I'll arrange to meet you at the time)
5. Ask (He asked to come with us)
6. Can't bear* (I can't bear to wait you)
7. Beg (He begged to come with us)
8. Begin (It begin to rain)
9. Care (I don't care to see that show)
10. Claim (She claims to know famous movie star)
11. Consent (She finally consented to marry him)
12. Continue* (He continue to speak)
13. Decide (I have decided to leave on Monday)
14. Demand (I demand to know who is responsible)
15. Deserve (She deserves to win the prize)
16. Expect (I expect to enter that room)
17. Fail (She failed to return the book)
18. Forget* (I forgot to wathxing spongebob)
19. Hate* (I hate to make silly mistake)
20. Hesistate (Don't hesistate to ask my help)
21. Hope (Jack hopes to arrives next week)
22. Intend (He intends to be firefighter)
23. Learn (He learned to play the piano)
24. Like* (I like to go to the movie)
25. Love* (I love to go to operas)
26. Manage (She managed to finish her homework)
27. Mean (I didn't mean to hurt you)
28. Need (I need to have your opinion)
29. Offer (They offered to help us)
30. Plan (I'm planning to have a party)
31. Prefer* (Ann prefers to walk to work)
32. Prepare (We prepared to welcome them)
33. Pretend (He pretend not to understand)
35. Refuse (I refuse to believe his history)
36. Regret* (I regret to tell you that you failed)
37. Remember (I remember to learn English with you)
38. Seem (that boy seems to be good)
39. Can't stand* (I can't stand to wait you here)
40. Start* (It started to rain)
41. Struggle (I struggled to stay awake)
42. Swear (I swear to god)
43. Talk (I'm talking to you)
44. Threaten (She threatened to tell my parent)
45. Try* (I'm trying to kiss you)
46. Volunteer (He volunreered to help us)
47. Wait (I'm waiting to watch movie)
48. Want (I want to tell you something)
49. Wish (She wishes to come with us)

-Following by a(pro)noun + an infinitive (daftar yang diikuti pronoun/kata ganti + infinitive)
1. Advise (She advised me to wait until tomorrow)
2. Allow (She allowed me to use her car)
3. Ask (I asked John to help us)
4. Beg (They begged us to come)
5. Cause (Her laziness caused her to fail)
6. Challenge (She challenged me to race her to the corner)
7. Dare (He dared me to do better)
8. Encourage (He encouraged me to try again)
9. Expect (I expect you to be on time)
10. Forbid (I forbid you to tell him)
11. Force (They forced him to tell the truth)
12. Hire (She hire the boy to mow the lawn)
13. Instruct (He instruct them to be careful)
14. Invite (I invited you to come to my party)
15. Need (I need you to help me)
16. Order (The judge ordered me to pay a fine)
17. Permit (He permitted the children to stay up late)
18. Persuade (I persuade him to come for a visit)
19. Remind (She reminded me to lock the dork)
20. Require (Our teacher requires us to be on time)
21. Teach (My brother taught me to swim)
22. Tell (The doctor told me to take these pills)
23. Urge (I urged her to apply for the job)
24. Want (I want you to be happy)
25. Warn (I warned you not to drive too fast).

Okay that all for my i hope you study hard thanks :D Selain itu kemampuan gerund saja tentu tidak cukup kalian juga perlu memahami tenses secara menyeluruh, silahkan baca di tenses Bahasa inggris lengkap

Semoga kata kerja gerund dan infinitive dapat anda hafal dan ingat, good luck

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