Is coffee good???

Many of us still doubt about coffee, and many wrong myth about effect by coffee. First of all i like to describe you about the advantage that we can get from the coffee. Now let me give some fact about coffee:

As we know that coffee is has caffeine and many people assuming caffeine is very dangerous for our health, is it true??? absolutely is wrong, why i can say that, the latest research has reported and give a proof is coffee consumption doesn't cause a danger or harm for our health however coffee has many benefits for our health

- Coffee can reduce risk of liver cancer

- Some caffeine in coffee can heal headache

- Coffee also help to increase our IQ and avoid Alzheimer disease

- Most of coffee drinker it low to get diabetic because coffee can also reduce diabetic disease

Yaa i agree if coffee also has bad effect like get addicted by caffeine and gastric acid, but as long we consuming coffee not too much maybe 2 cup per day it very good for your health and get many benefits by that...
So drink coffee appropriate with the measure,  and keep health...

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