delete facebook account permanently

Facebook is the most popular website after google. And I know how you feeling with facebook. Facebook has advantage and disadvantage. Ya facebook make us can connect to another people like our friends.
But if you over using facebook for example all of your time you online on facebook, maybe it cause you fell lazy to blending directly with your friend, or maybe you spend all of your day on facebook even you forgot to study. So that why many people who have addicted by facebook want to remove or delete their account permanently.
Ya I think you have tried to inactive your account, but you reactivate again right. So I know you want to forget your facebook forever, so this is the way I will share for you..

  1. First of all open your facebook account..

  2. Go to account setting

  3. Go to general

  4. Click in Password menu and edit

  5. Open notepad and type randomly letter and number then make you sure you don't remember that

  6. Afterthat change your facebook password by copypaste randomly password have you made in notepad

  7. Go to security

  8. Click on deactive your account

  9. Just give your reason there and give a mark in email opt out, or facebook will send notification or something to your email.

  10. Then Click comfirm

  11. Afterthat facebook require you password and put your password that have you written in notepad

  12. Delete you notepad password that have you written

  13. And your facebook has gone forever..

Even you want to reactivate your account again, you cannot do that again because you have forgotten your password :D

So that a little tips from me I hope it's going to help you, and say good bye for your facebook  :D

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