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A Family Dilemma
In the living room Maya is sitting on the sofa.
Maya                      : (read a magazine)
Nanda                     : (lay her body on the sofa)
Maya                      : where are you coming from?
Nanda                     : that’s not your business.
Maya                      : listen to me….
Nanda                     : I don’t have time to listen to your speech !! but if you really want it, you can talk to my hand later. (nanda leaves the room)
Dzata                      : (come to the living room wearing  a beautiful gown and many accessories) hi honey!
Maya                      : hi mom! where are you going to go?
Dzata                      : I am intending my business partner’s party.
Maya                      : how about dad? Don’t you go with him?
Dzata                      : oh ! he said that he had a meeting. Ok, bye honey,,
In the party,dzata  sees chalis wih another woman at the party.
(1.   On the floor)
Dzata                  : (what? Who is that? Is he my husband? Oh no! my husband is not ugly like that. But, who is that? Why he look like my husband? I don’t know my husband is ugly)
Dzata                      :chalis, you say that you are on the meeting now, you lie to me and who’s that woman?
Chalis                      : hmmmm. No.. (oh my god! I will die today. She looks me with my beautiful girlfriend. Not like her. She is ugly. But she have everything. But she still ugly. Please god, help me. I hope she doesn’t hit me in front of many people. I never eat anything here, I have to died.)
Tia                           : I’m his new girlfriend, who are you ?
Dzata                      : I’m his wife.well, chalis we will talk about this at home.
Chalis                      : tia, I’m really sorry for this.
Tia                           :that’s ok honey. (hahaha, in fact his wife is ugly. But she have much money. I wiil be rich if she die. Yes yes yes. I will be rich) (go home)
                                 At home
Dzata                      : well, very good! You make our family ashamed !
Chalis                      : I’m really sorry honey about this. Honestly, I do that because of you. You should change your behavior. Don’t you think about my heart? You always hurt me and you never realize it.
Dzata                      : I don’t want to hear anything from you. You (sensor)
Chalis                      : Well Dzata, enough for this. I am going crazy.
Dzata                      : ok, if you don’t like to live with me anymore, you may go away! Now. But don’t bring anything my wealth!
Chalis goes away. Then at the door,
Maya                      : dad, don’t go, look at me. If you love me, please don’t go dad!
Chalis                      : I love you very much, honey. But I have to go.
Dzata                      : Maya..!! Let him go!
                                 Chalis go away.
Maya                      : (cry in the sofa)
Dzata                      : (go her room)
(2.   When your’re gone)
Suddenly nanda go home and knock the door with her boyfriend, Rezki Anderson.
Nanda                     : hai, any body home????? Spadaaaaaaa!!
Maya                      : Nanda, silent please! Our dad goes away.
Nanda                     : shut up! Close your mouth!
Dzata                      : (slap Nanda’s cheek)
Nanda                     : hahaha. It’s okay mom.. no problem.. you may slap my cheek once again. J
   You know? I became like this because of you! You failed to be a good wife and also mother.
Dzata                      : (want to slap Nanda’s cheek again)
Maya                      :  (holding her mother hand) no mom.. :’(
Rezki                       : Nanda!! I can’t stand looking your attitude. You shouldn’t speak like that to your mom! Now, I think we should end our relationship.
Nanda                     : What? End? Well, that’s not a big deal Rezki. There are still other boys who are better than you! (Nanda go to her room)
Rezki                        : mrs.Gilbert I’m sorry for this. I found Nanda at night club and she got drunk so, I   decided to take nanda home.
Dzata                    : No problem! Thank you very much.
Rezki                     : never mind mrs.
Dzata                    :  (go to the bed room)
Rezki                     : Maya…I hope you can be patient. (sweep Maya’s tears) (maybe she is better than Nanda to be my girlfriend. And I am also love her)
Maya                   : ( keep crying) (thanks god! Finally, nanda and reski end. Yes yes yes)
Rezki                   : Maya, I have to go home now.
Two months later…………
Tya comes to Mr.Gilbert’s house.
Dzata                     : What do you want? Dont disturb my family anymore!
Tya                        : No, I just want to ask for Mr. Gilbert’s responsibility.
Dzata                    : Mr. Gilbert is not here. I let him out. He is poor now. He has nothing.
Tya                        : I don’t ask about his wealth. I just need his responsibility. I am pregnant his baby.
Dzata                    : Whaaat? ( Dzata gets heart attack and she is going to die )
Maya                    : oh no mom…! Are you okay mom?? Please wake up… (hugging her mom)
Nanda                  : Mom?? What happen?
                              And you? What are you doing here? What did you do to my mom?
Tia                         : No, I didn’t do anything!
Nanda                  : Shut up! Now, get out of here! I don’t want to see your face anymore!
Tia                         : it’s okay, but it wasn’t my fault.
Maya                    : (phone Rezki)hello,  Rezki.. Please come here, I need your help. Our mother get heart attack.
Then, Rezky come to their house.
Rezki                     : Maya, What happen?
Maya                    : Rezki, help us to bring my mother to the hospital soon.
(3.    Alarm ambulans)
               They bring Mrs. Gilbert to the hospital. But unfortunately, she died on the way to the hospital. Maya and Nanda feel sad so much. Their beloved mother died so early. And this condition changes Nanda’s behavior to be a good and polite girl.
Nanda                     : Maya, I’m so sorry for all of my mistakes that I’ve made. I regret that I never respect our parents and you as my older sister.
Maya                      : That’s all right Nanda. You don’t have to say sorry. I love you as my little sister.
Rezki                       : Maya, Nanda, I hope both of you to be patient facing all of these problems and never hopeless. I think, both of you will find the best way soon.
(4.    Mama)
Suddenly Mr. Gilbert goes home to visit his two daughters.
Chalis                      : My daughters…
Nanda & maya      : Dad…???
Chalis                      : Yes, it’s me. I miss you so much. But, Why do you look so sad? Where is your mom?
Nanda                     : She passed away dad.. She got heart attack after Tia told her about her pregnancy.
Chalis                      : She is a liar! I regret it all! Your mother died because of me.. L
                                 If I had never done this, our family would have been happy all the time.ohh.. I will                                  never apologize my self.
Maya                      : Well dad. It’s just our fate. We have to be strong and accept it all.
                                 They don’t realize that Tia behind them and look at them.
(5.    Happy ending)
To be continue in the 8th seasons.

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