education to succeed financially

The primary reason to get an education is to succeed financially however everyone know that money is not everything but everything is money. You know your parent sent you to the university or to the school absolutely to make you will have a bright future. And after your parent have retired and don't have money anymore, so now is your responsible to give some money to your parent, ya for this statement we can see an education is to succeed financially. And for another many poor people want to change their life to be a success man especially in financial subject and will become rich people they use an education way. Just like send their son to cheap university, school, boarding school etc. Ya I know that an education cannot guaranted us to be a rich people, but it also depending with lucky but with an education at least we have a bigger chance to be a success man than people without education. Ya and we can see nowaday most of company wanted an education man that has many knowledge. So that why education very important to us.
And about the knowledge actually it also the reason to get an education but it is not a primary reason for an education. The primary reason to get an education is to be succeed financially. But a few people say their primary reason for an education is to get an knowledge and help people, ya it also the best reason i think, but only a good man really use this intention, :-),,, so get an education now, have much knowledge, and succeed financially good luck..

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5 komentar:

  1. Wew,,, nice article Gan... :D
    Sapa pagi di Blog Sobat terbaik, sekalian berbagi MP3 Inspiratif Bag. XII, review ya Gan,,, :)
    Salam hangat selalu... Thanks :)

  2. masuk google translate dulu ah.... hehee

  3. hehe thanks gan,
    hahah emang google translate andalan kita semua

  4. education is only a stepping stone, a stair for us to reach our dreams. education alone is not a guarantee to success. what we really need is hardwork....

  5. ya i agree for that, absolutly hardwork is the important thing to reach our dream, education without hardwork its nothing