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what springs in your mind when you see the picture above. Ya she is the girl from Aceh. Her name is Lisya Nurrahmi is miss Indonesia from Aceh. Look she is wearing a veil ya because veil is the most fashionable in Aceh. In Aceh all of women have to use veil. However in Aceh we have a rule call syariat Islam. Women use veil in all of situation  maybe like a party, weedding, on the holiday, or even in the office.
All employers in Aceh they use long sleeves and veil as their uniform. So the question must be, how if a women don't use veil? Ya it means she has breaked the rule. We have a special cops organization in Aceh call WH. WH (Wilayatul Hisbah) will arrest everyone who break the syariat Islam rules. And another rule is you must not wear tight clothing, it also break the rules, and WH will catch you.
So the fashionable in Aceh is veil, And if you go to Aceh, you will see the beautiful girl with her veil..
So that a little info about Aceh, and if you are a woman and you wanna go to Aceh don't forget to use veil and never dress with tight clothing, or WH will catch you.

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  1. Keren nih walau berjilbab

  2. trima kasih atas komentar2nya

  3. I think that rule only applies to the locals. what if a tourist go there and not wearing veil?

  4. yes you are right, about the rule only for muslim, and as we know that, most people in aceh are muslim,
    so we have an exception for tourist

    iya gan mksi atas comment a gan

  5. sala kenal rezki. just dropping by to tell that you have an award waiting for you here:

  6. thanks for the award buddy