the benefit to join organization

Many people think if you have join to the organization you will spent much time for and, and also waste your time. But in fact only people inactive in organization say that, So at the other hand there also many people say join to organization has many benefits, so what is the truth, Lets we check it out....

The truth is the second opinion, that said organization has many benefits, so what are those???

1. If you have joined to the organization, it mean you have blended with another people, and you social network will be better

2. After you joined to organization you will able to speak in front of the people, just like speech, debate, etc, you will brave and no fear anymore.

3. You will get many experience, in the organization, remember experience is very important

4. Get the information, faster, because if you have joined to the organization you will have many social, link and contact.

5. Some company, scholarship, need the people who active in the organization, they will ask the certificate of organization

So what make you don't want to join, to the organization, lets join and get the experience.....

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3 komentar:

  1. wew... boleh dicoba ni...
    Thanks sharenya,,,, :)

  2. Joining an organization helps you to experience a bite of the real world.

  3. yeah absolutly, organization can help us to train our mentality and our ability to speech in the public