long time not see my blog

Now i have never been online since last month, When I saw my blog there many things have changed and surprised me. I want to say i would happy when i saw my visitor got increase significantly, and also my backlink, wow thats really made me happy, but on the other hand my alexa rank suck, however when I leaved my blog, my alexa rank was 1,123,765 but now 3,137,615, so what happen? why did alexa reduce my rank while my visitor better now?
So that, now i know the reason of that, i understand why did alexa do that, one of the reason because of me. I have never updated my blog since long time ago. Even though you have a good visitor, but you don't update you blog rutin, you blog will be suck... that is. So now  I want to say I'm sorry for my friends, I could response all of your backlink, I say I'm really sorry for that. I was busy in the real world, especially with my college. I just want to be a good student, but I also wanted to be a great blogger. Maybe I can reach both of them, I can good as a student and also for a blogger. Please support me my friends, you all everything for me, thanks for your comment, suggestion, or your critic...

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4 komentar:

  1. Semangat kawan...
    Jangan terlalu pedulikan alexa, yang penting maju terus untuk tetap berkarya :)


  2. ok kwan, thanks atas advise nya :)

  3. Your blog is really cool. I wish my blog looks simillar as yours.
    But, would you mind to visit my blog? it's candandsugar.blogspot.com
    thankies :)

  4. thanks farrah I also have visited your blog too and it's amazing.