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Government shouldn't legalize game online on the Internet. First of all, game online only waste the time without any benefit by that. People like to spend their time to face the computer only for game online. We can see now in the Internet cafe, people spend their life to play that and forget about their real activity. For instance, the underage escape from the school and spend their time in the Internet cafe. We cannot imagine that what will be happened with our next generation on the future if they get addicted by game online. According to psychology, game online may cause a mental problem.The people who get addicted in the game online don't want to active on the real world anymore. They only think about the game. so it must be gloomy life. Second, game only cost a  lot of money. There are many kind of game online that sell the gadget with the real money. When the gamer buy the gadget for the game, they will use the real money for nothing. For instance children buy the gun on the war game only for fun, or even the people who interested on the gamble. It is really bad because their use the real money for the unreal one and it must be stupid activity. In fact, all the budget that they have bought is useless. Third, play game for a long time is danger for the eyes. We can see on the Internet shop people can face computer more that six hours. Research cleric that the people who face the computer more that four hours without break, can cause nearsighted and sore eyes. Nowadays many worker and employer use the glasses because their face the computer so long, and that makes a problem on their eyes. So by waste the  time, money, and the eyes problem the government have to ban the game online or our next generation will be bad.

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