what is mosquito


Everybody must be known about mosquito. Mosquito is the sexy animal that love sucking your blood. Mosquito live in every continent. Mosquito is the most brave animal, however they always looking for the food in the danger situation. They exist only a few weeks and after that they will die. If the mosquito is not exist I believe that we can live without any bitting and itchy. But actually that is a chain of life. Everything will eat, and everybody will be eaten by something. If we go to details we can see people in the world like to kill the mosquito while the mosquito don't like to kill them. That is not fair actually. Itchy must be paid by tickles. That what we say fair. Have you seen the mosquito pump their wife. Ya actually it must be challenging pump. Because they like to making love while they are flying. But they are happy by that. But unfortunately only little people love mosquito. Many people hate the because they make itchy, but some people love the itchy sensation. It similar when your partner tickles your body and you fell happy by that. Why the got created the mosquito? that is still a mystery. I hope this article will increase your knowledge about mosquito...

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