the source of weather information


I believe that you have ever seen or heard any reliable forecast weather on the television, radio, or newspaper. People usually need the information in order to deal with the outdoor activity the probably doing in the next day. Since you enjoyed the weather forecast, have you ever taught where the information come.

First of all I would like to tell you that weather forecast is served by government meteorology. I run by the government according to its country. This institution usually uses high technology equipment to predict the weather. Nowadays, many institutions use computer server technology connected to satellite, radar, and synoptic chart.

Satellite will capture the picture of earth from the space,  radar will screen the location, and synoptic chat uses buoy technology. This tool works together to conclude the weather. With these combination, the accuracy of weather forecast will highly accurate.

After they got the data from those three, the forecaster would spread the information to the citizen by television, radio, newspaper, or recorder.

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