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Well today I am going to share my blogger tricks about how to change the width of blogger template. Sometime, after you download the template and put the code into you blog, the size of the template do not correspond with your fancy then you decide to resize your template. But you do not know how to do that. So let me share about the tricks, I believe this is important for a new blogger. Lets move to the point.

I have separate this tutorial into 2 tutorials. The first tutorial is for a downloaded template while the second one is for a blogger default template.

Before going to the tutorial step I warn you to make a template backup, because this tutorial a little bit risky.

1. Tutorial for a non-default blogger template, or the template that you get from others

- Open your blogger theme and go to edit html

- Find a code #header-wrapper {

- After you find it you may see the code like this

- Finally change the red code number to your size

- After you change the red code your template will has a different size to other part. To make it become fit you must change all the code  width:900px; . To do that you go to search box, paste the code, and change all the red code with your size. Remember the number must be the same, or your template gonna look crazy.

Well after you change the size of template, sometime your other column look much bigger or smaller, to change the size of that go find this code

1. For posting column find a code like this
#main-wrapper {

2. For sidebar column fine a code like this
#sidebar-wrapper {

Just change the red code into your size.

Remember some template has a different style of column, so if you find something still go wrong, find another code about "width" then make an experiment by your self.

2. Tutorial for a default blogger template (much easier)

- Go to your Blogger then to the "options"

- Go to the "Customize"

- Go to "Adjust Width"

- Custumize your size by sliding your blog slide to the right to make wider or to the left to make

- You may also change your sidebar width to make it fit with your new size

- Click "Apply to Blog"

So that the end of my tutorial about changing the size of blog theme. Good luck

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