customize blog title and description gap

how to eliminate blog title and description gap

Title and description is an important role in blogging because it may describe the entire about your blog. Blog title and description could be a first impression on your blog, no wonder many bloggers design the title and description with image, special font, full color etc. Today I would like to share you about the way how to eliminate the gap between blog title and blog description. When your blog tittle and description has a long range of gap, it could broke your blog display and may look not good.

So in this article I give you a code to control the range between blog tiltle and blog description. So your blog title and description will be looking better.

This is the code:

 .region-inner.main-inner{ margin-top: -10px; }
.titlewrapper{ margin-bottom: -20px; }

Well give the code may be not enough for you, because you do not know where you should place that code. Relax, follow may directions below:

First: Open your blogger

Second : go to theme

Third : click customize

Fourth: click advance

Fifth : past the code

Last : click apply to blog

Well when you want to customize the range between you blog title and blog description just change the code number in red.

.region-inner.main-inner{ margin-top: -10px; }
.titlewrapper{ margin-bottom: -20px; }

Well I think that the end of my tutorial about the way how customize the gap between blog title and blog description, I hope this tutorial is helpful.

Good luck then....

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