can technology do anything like human

robot and technolofy cannot do everything

Long time ago before computer had found, people done everything in a natural way without any technology. There are no google, calculator, smartphone, washing machine, etc. Now, almost everything can be done with a computer, for instance, we use calculator to count fast, or automatic washing machine to clean out dishes. People got easier life surely since many job can be done by the technology of computer.

However, not all human work can be done by a computer. Sometimes, there are problem can be only solve by the human. For instance, computer cannot count how well the person behave. Until know, there are no software or hardware can decide human attitude or behavior. When people believe that there are no program or technology could be born as good as human then it is absolutely correct.

Human being is a perfect creation from the almighty god. No robot can think as human, no program can acted perfectly as a human. So when people think anything can be done by a computer, they are absolutely wrong. Computer can help us, but not entirely for sure. Do you believe that high technology of computer can replace your girlfriend, of course not. No mater how well computer is developed, they will never able to understand your feeling and love for sure.

Some people believe that, someday human can created a robot who can think and act like a human. Well I absolutely do not believe that opinion. My reason to disagree about those thought because robot need a fuel or energy and some of their power are limited. Lets take an example of brain, yaa believe or not our brain is an unlimited storage. No one can make their memory full until people the end of the life. That just one example, how about our eyes, ears, skin etc. In fact all of the facility in human is unlimited.

Well at the end now we could conclude that, yaa technology could help a human being, but technology can do anything as a human done. That's why many company still need a human to work. The realize that they cannot done all of the job by the computer. So you must admit that we are 'human' is the best technology in the world and only the god could create us, or even better than us.

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