get traffic for a new blog

how to get blog traffic for a new blogger

After you make a blog and publish your article, You wonder why nobody come to your blog to read your writing. For a veteran they know that to get a traffic to your blog you need do more they just write a post. Believe or not, everyday, many people write same topic about what your write especially if the topic about common issue. Your post might go far away from a search engine result, so nobody come to visit your blog.

Since million of people create a blog, the competition of blogging become tougher that before. Especially for now some people make a blog as a business to gain money. To drive a visitor come to your blog you need to win a competition among other blogger in the world. Unfortunately, be the best in the search engine is not easy especially for a new blogger. If you chance to win in search engine to veteran blogger is a slim.

You already know that fighting in search engine with veteran blog is difficult, so you need a special action, to gain traffic to your blog. I know this effort need a hard work, so be ready to do that. If you are serious to built a blog then follow my tips below;

1. Share in social media
Social media is your strong weapon. You may get many traffic if you want to make an effort. What yu need to do is joining as many group as you can. Then post a related issue with your article. For instance your blog is about repairing computer, they you may post in the group of people who want to fix computer. Make sure that your article fix their problem. If it is not, you may got kicked from the group because you are considered as a spammer.

2. Make a relationship to other blogger
As a new blogger you need a friend to motivate you, to give you more opinion, to share about blog together and many more. Friend can also become you loyal reader and make your blogging become fun. Friend of blogger also avoid your blog become no visitor, because your friend may visit your blog if they want to meet you.

3. Write a good article
If you want your article appear on search engine then get traffic from them they you should write as good as you can. The better your writing are the bigger chance your article get visitor from search engine. To be able to write a quality article of your you need practice and persistence in writing your blog.

4. Publish regularly
Well after you create good article you also need to publish regularly. Do not let you blog without any update for a long time. When you abandon your blog for a long time your friend and loyal reader may leave you because they think you do not active anymore. So decide you update schedule whether daily post, 3 post a week, or weekly. Remember the more often your update, the more article you have. As a result the you have more keyword in search engine that could drive your blog traffic.

5. Appreciate your reader
Your reader will become your loyal reader when you appreciate their appearance. If you have time, try to give your best response when they give a comment to your blog. Show that you love them to visit your blog, then they may visit you blog again.

So that they way how to get a blog traffic for a new blog. I hope this article will help you to make a traffic. Do not forget to share you thought in the comment box below.

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