is it difficult to get money from blog


Talking about gaining many, yaw this topic will not end until the end of the world. In life, after you have graduated or when you become a big man, the thought of gaining money will automatically appear in your mind. In reality, nobody wanted to live with parent money all along. We need our income to fix outlive by our own money.

In fact there are no easy way to gain money, unless you sacrifice yourself to someone, yaa it is probably easy. However to gain dollar in a respectable way there is not easy. You probably do  not agree with my opinion because you have seen many successful person gain money by just sitting in an big sofa, or perhaps just give some autographs. Well in fact, that what you see, but you do not know that the successful person has gone so far.

Lets take a Bill gates or Steve job as an example. You probably know that how easy bill gates and Steve job gain money, but have you know that they also face many challenge and difficult thing, when building company. Unfortunately, many people just see a successful person when they are already become a big man. Of course this is inevitable since no body know a person when they become success.

Well back to the topic than, Is that difficult to gain money from blogging, yaa of course it is. Many people have failed and give up in blogging business. If you think that get money from blogging is easy, then forget to be a successful blogger because you will face many challenge, boring, exhausting, in blogging. You do not believe me? well lets think logically, if gaining money from blog is easy then all of people around the world will be a blogger instead.

When you think about making money from blogger is easy, I believe that you got those shema because you see a successful blogger. You see there are so many people, even million people come to their blog just in a single day. Well ya surely, but have you ever ask to the owner of a great blog what he/she has been through so far. How long has he/she sacrifice his time just for a blog. Well if you did not ask yet, then ask. I believe that, if he talking to you without not giving a big lie, then you will realize that how hard his struggle to be a successful blog.

Right, now you have understood that gaining money from blog is not easy. Then should you leave your blog now. Well, do not misunderstand about how difficult gaining money from blog. Ya sure it is difficult but does not men you cannot be a successful blogger who gain money easily. Right, we know that how difficult it is, but the difficulties is not permanent. After, you pass the hard momentum, they you will go to a giant money packs.

It means that, if you sure you do not mind to face a super difficulty then you struggle and ready for a hard work, then lets go. Keep blogging, even a boredom kill you, or even you have to spend a long time just to write a blog, yaa that what you are going to do just like other successful blogger done before. Be ready to be persistence, because if you are not it is better to stop blogging from now cause it is just waste your time unless you just blogging for nothing and not for money.

I write this article, because yaa I still in a difficult era, and I do not know when I will be a successful blogger who gain money easily. If we are in the same position, I invite you my friend lets give our best shot and become a successful blog together. Keep motive our self, and lets working together. I also want you to be my friend, so do not forget to give your comment about any difficulties you face in blogging.
Keep struggle my friend and lets support each other.

Your Friend

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