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Well today I would like to share my experience in losing my body weight. I know that for an overweight our dream is to be an ideal person who has an ideal weight of course. To get this dream I believe you have tried many tips, or many diet method. Some people may success but some of the still fail to reduce body weight.

Lets get to the poin. You want to decrease your weight, but how?

Read this teory a carefully, you become an overweight because you take more calorie than what your need. Lets take this as a explanation; your calorie need is 500 but you eat 600 calorie. 600 - 500 = 100. This 100 is whats make you become an overweight. Now you already understand that simle that teory.

In some case we many found that people each more that we do but why those people do not become fat. Why he/she has an ideal body? Yaa, at this point we should understand that each people has a different calorie need. Some people need 500, other may need 600 or 400. So,  you cannot make an average calorie intake for all people because each person have different need.

In addition, calories intake also depend on body metabolism and activity. Those people who have many activity will burn calorie faster than those who stay watching television along day. No wonder, why it is difficult to find an athletic who is overweigh. About metabolism it is difficult to explain but each person has a different metabolism.

Now how to lose body weight, you probably have ream many diet method but today, I just wanna share my experience in losing weight. You just need do 2 ways.

1. Make an eating habit with the smaller portion.
Yaa maybe you already hear this many time lessen your portion. But you know many people fail to do this because they force theirself  beyond the limit. Even, if they success, the may come back to their old eating version after they success. And you know what will happen? yaa the back to be an overwight again just like before they done dieting.

So to avoid that, you sould make a new habit eating. When I was fat I ate so many portion. How ever, I have stop eating and force to less my portion. But you know it did not work. At last I did not give up. I tried to reduce my portion little by little along the day. Believe or not this is really works. I become used to eat with a small portion. I really happy to my new stile of eating. An now a succeed with this method of diet. So the conclusion is, you have to reduce you portion little by little. Then when you done, you gonna have a new portion of eating. Afterthat an ideal body will be yours soon.

2. Add more activity.
Try to make yourself busy. You can do whatever activity you like including swimming, biking, jogging, travelling etc. Do not stay at your bed al along the day, because the lazier you are, then the lesser your burning calories. Remember, make this as a habit that does not make you feel unhappy. If you feel you cannot do this every day, 2 or 3 per weeks it is okay. Because as long as you have more activity you will burn more calorie in your body.

Well that just my experience in losing weight. You many tried this method to yourself. If you do it I believe your weight will be decreased. You can chose even just one theory above but if you want faster result then then combination of them will be better.

I hope my experience really help you in reducing your weight, and if you do not mind lets share your diet experience here and give your comment.

Good luck with your diet.

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