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All right guys, today we are going to share about feeling in writing blog. Do you enjoy writing your blog? aha this question absolutely shot you right on the spot. Do you say your enjoy writing your blog, or you do not enjoy writing blog. Well if you say you enjoy writing on blog, I absolutely congratulate you, because you are the rare species. You absolutely have a great chance to be a great writer on blog.

But, if you say you do not enjoy writing on your blog. In another work, you just want to get money from blogging. But honestly you feel bored when writing article. Then, you just feel excited when the first time starting blogging, but now the spirit fading away.....
I would say, do not worry pal you are among the 90% population on the earth. You still have chance to be a great blogger.

Okay, now we want to enjoy writing on blog, but how we make the writing become something enjoyable to do. Well there are something you can do to make writing so enjoyable. You should read these tips to enjoy blogging.

Frist, find some friend on blogging. Trust me, when you have friends in blogging, you will feel excited to write again and again. Your friend will give a command about your writing and it is really fun. You also gain a motivation from your friends especially when your friends succeed writing a good article. In another word, we say that our friends on blogging become our rival who is always help and motivate us.

Well unfortunately lost many friend in blogging, because they seems to leave their blog right now. I do not why, but maybe the are busy on the real life. Actually I really hope that you guys who read this article want to be my friend and become my rival on blogging. I hope you let me know you, by giving your comment here, so I may go to your blog or you may also contact me directly here

Well you also can ask your close friend on the real world to built and write blog together. I also make you feel more excited on building your blog. Many big blog working together or cooperate to produce an article. I already ask my friends to write on blog, but it seems that they are not interested at all. So my alternative here is you. Let us to be friend and let built our website together.

Sincerely by Your friend


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