how to get 100 visitors per day in blog


Well I think gaining 100 visitor per day is not difficult for blog master. Blogger veteran may have 1000000 per day even more. So this article is not suitable for veteran, i just need to share to a newbie just like me. For a new blogger gaining 100 visitor per day is a very nice result. Even many blogger has made a blog but they have no visitor. As a result, many beginner begin frustrating and stop blogging.

In fact, to gain visitor in a blog is need a time and effort. In another word, you cannot gain many visitor instantly and you need to do something to gain visitor. So for you a  newcomer in blog, there are some tips that may help you in gaining 100 visitor per day.

First, you should have article. In fact there are two main ways you can do in producing article. In quality way or quantity approach.
In quality, mean you should produce an article as good as you can. The only thing you care is you article quality not how many you article being produced. You may spend more time in quality approach because to make a high quality article usually needs a lot of time. However if you succed in make high quality article then your writing may appear in the fist page of search engine. As a result you may gain ton of visitor just for one high quality article

In quantity, you produce article as much as you can. If you choose this approach you could make an article every day, or even more. It also require less time to make an article than first approach. This way emphasize on how may article you have, because the more article you have create more chance to catch visitor on your blog

Second, Promoting on social media. You should know that, without promoting, it is very difficult for new blog to be recognized. So for a new blogger promoting blog on social media is a best way to gain traffic. Of course you can gain visitor automatically without promoting your blog, but usually it require more than a years to get traffics. You just need promote your blog for a first years because next year you may gain visitor automatically from search engine.
* Note: It is okay if you want to promote your blog forever in blog, however It is better if you focus on gaining visitor  form search engine when you already have blog visitor.

Third, make a post schedule. Even you cannot post article everyday, make sure that you have a time schedule for posting, whether 3 times a week, 2 times a week, 1 time a week, or everyday. This is important to make your blog looks professional. It is highly not recommended to scheduled post longer that a week. In another word, make sure that you post at least 1 times per week. So you google bot may come to your blog every week and you also make a loyal visitor come to your blog every week.

So that all the tips about how to get 100 visitor per day. I hope this post will help a new blogger to get 100 visitors per day. After that of course we should gain more visitor because 100 visitor per day is still in low level, especially for gaining money in blog.

Good luck and keep your persistency

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