how group activities improve your intelligent


Before jump to the reason why group activity can increase your IQ, I should remind you here, today what we are talking about is a good group activity or positive group activity. Let me explain you about positive and negative group. Positive group activity consist of an intelligent person who studies together to achieve the goal. In the other hand negative group activity is a group of people who doing a bad think, such as robbery group, narcotic group, bandits group etc.

We must admit that human is a social creature. Nobody, can live alone, even the greatest human also need their parent to live. Believe or not being alone may cause low in intelligent. How could this happen? well there are some reason behind this theory, lets take a look why group activity can improve your intelligent.

1. Motivation
The more strong people in the group you meet, the more motivation you get. When you see people around you working harder, you will get super pump by them. It really different if you working alone. When you work alone it is very hard to get motivated. As a result you may give up on your work.

2. More enjoyable
While working on the group, you can chat, sharing, having fun and many other activity that is very entertaining. You will meet friends and enjoy working together.

3. Get different aspect point of view
Believe or not, each person has different point of view. Sometime your point is not strong enough to make something, then you may try to take some different view from others. It is very important to consider the different thought because something our perspective is not always the best one.

4. Cooperation
Have you ever heard that, 2 brain is better than one. Ya this phrase means cooperation is very important in creating something great. So that's why many expert or researcher working together, because they believe that cooperation is the key to make the best result.

5. Socialize
The last thing is socialize. Lets yourself know each other with your working partner. Do not close yourself alone. Make many friend and enjoy your life.

Well, now you know why group activity can increase your intelligent. But remember, even tough group activity is important, individual skill also a must. You will not accepted in the good group if you do not have individual skill. Because without individual skill you may know as a bad or lazy person. As you know lazy creature without any individual skill belongs to a bad group. So do not forget to improve your individual skill as well.

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