5 reasons why school should be more entertaining


We agree that school is the place to study by goal to create educated students. However, some people believe that school should have a strict rule and focus just to study. There are no need any entertainment in school because it is not efficient to teach student. Is this omitting entertainment is school is effective to produce educated student?

Well lets take a look to the reality. As a human being, sometime we cannot learn or study and force ourselves to do something. Ya even what we do is very important but human is not a robot. Human need something to refresh themselves with something entertaining. If you force someone just to study and study it could make a stress or mental disorder. Yaa even computer need a break or it could be overheat and explode. So school should have a break time, something to entertaining and make student fell comfort to study in school.

Lets move to another aspect of human being. We know human have sense of something then they can judge it whether they like it or hate it. As a place to study we should encourage the student to love school because if they love school they will gain knowledge from school easier. While if they hate school it would be harder to learn something there. But how to make student love school? The answer is simple, "school should be more entertaining"

School should be more entertaining means that in school, there must be something that could attract the student. For instance, school should provide music studio, basket hall, chess board, or any anything that could entertain the students. School also have to support what student hobby is. It is very important because hobby means liking something. If school support what the students hobby then they will love staying at school more that house.

All right know we all know why school should be more entertaining. But is there any bad result if school is very entertaining. The answer is depend on how school manage between entertainment and study time. If the school too many entertaining and lose they main goal to educate student, they of course it would be a big chaos because school tend to be a place for gaming not to study. In the other hand if school to strict to study all the time it could make student feel bored and hate school.

So the best way is to manage it well. It could be say 80% to study and 20% left lets the student follow their hobby or doin g what they love. Remember school is not only to teach student in math, physic, chemistry or anything, but also school need to teach how to grow students creativity. Creativity and Knowledge is very important for a student to be succeed in the future.

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