how malware infect your computer

how malware infect browser

Have you ever found any advertisement appear on the popup of your browser but you do not surf any website. Well if this happen on you there is abig chance your browser aplication got the malware. To make sure those advertisement is a malware try to use another bowser and see if there any similar advertisements popup. Those malware can make your browser becoming slower. Even when you use the google you get redirected to the suck search engine. Or it could also open many website while you are doing nothing.

If you have those experience, you chance of getting infected by malware is very high. Malware is a program to ruin and take control your computer systems. There are many types of malware such as, rootkit, trojan, worm, virus, spyware etc.
Malware which give you advertismenet popup actually is not a virus instead an evil software of advertisement to get many dollars from the advertisement pop up.

Then how the malware get into your pc?
Usually it attacks the new computer use who have a little knowled about program. The common way of malware infection is by downloading illegal software. When you are downloading  and inside those software there malware bug which planted by the hacker then you got infected.
Many people try to donwload the unoriginal software because it is free, but they also have a high risk to get malware. It also happen when someone found the false download link which is redirected to the malware application.

The way to avoid malware attack is very simple. You should not download illegal software. I could say that, unoriginal software is contained many secret code because it has been cracked by someone. Then those code secret code may contain malware or something that we do not know. Just you the original software and download them from the trust website.
You also consider to integrated your antivirus into your browser, because some of malware easily detected by antivirus. Make sure your antivirus up to date.

Well if you got malware on your pc I suggest you to type what problem and what advertisement appear on your pc and try to it on google. Because there is so many type of malware which is has different treatment for each type.

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