afraid to death, you must believe to god now

As we know together death is a last process of human, Everyone is going to be die, I know many people try to forgot and don't like to make or talk about death, but unfortunately we cannot run from death. And if the people still have an opinion death is peace, it depends.
Many people think after they have dead and they have a peace but it depending with have you done in the world.
The most stupid in this world is the people with no religion (atheis). Atheis don't believe god, but i wonder why they don't think,
Who made this earth?
Who made the planet?
Who made human and  animal?
It's impossible earth, human, plant, animal, come directly without the creator, exatly impossible..
Alright back to the topic, if you really afraid about dead, try to search which one the best religion will you choose, because after you death, noone can help you, so trust me find the god, by yourself withoud offending or following other people, and i have found my best religion is Islam and now i am a muslim, i believe islam is the best religion and the truth religion, And i believe Allah is creator all, I sumbit all my self for Allah, and i belive Allah always protect me.. :D
Have religion makes you have purpose in your life, and there has another life, after this  remember "when life ends the mistery of life begins"

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