Corruptors should sentenced by death

For this statement many people still doubt about death penalty for corruptors, but i want to tell you we have to do this kind punnishment for corruptors. Alright first of all i like to tell you about china, that is a country has never considered using death penalty for corruptors. Now we can see how china going to be a great country and even for the economic subject china has gone across japan. So the reason why china can do that because noone spring in their mind become a corruptors. Well if we compare china with indonesia our country really sad. Many corruptors in our country still live happily. U know that how much corruptors in indonesia, and how much money they sized. for an exmaple gayus tambunan you know how much money he seized 28 billion dollar wow, 28 billion, it was only gayus how about another corruptors like nazarudin, im pretty sure half of taxt has seized by corruptors. can u imagine how if 28 billion used for country, exatly it could help for developing our country.Its all about fact why corruptors should be sentenced to death, if we don't never try to think indonesia become a great country.....

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