the application of online learning system should be promoted as soon as possible in all of country

yaaa now we are in high-technology era, so why don't we use the technology for school?? you know in great country suck as America they learning always in front of monitor, no pen no pencil, just listening and watching, really simple right, don't you think. there many benefit by learning by that for example:
1. We don't need paper anymore, no trash by paper anymore in the school,
2. Data will be save in flashdisk than on piece of paper
3. Its really simple to study anytime and anyware, just bring laptop and all problem solved
4. We can still connect to the teacher even the distance far away just using internet and connect
5. Maybe the student don't need a bag anymore, just need a little fashdisk in their pocket...

So why we don't try to start learning online, and yaaa the aplication of learning online should be promoted as soon as possible to make easier way to learn anything...
that really good idea to use the internet as learning way, that facebook, my space, friendster and still many stupid aplication in internet huuuhh, sooo let use internet for learning wayyy and will gonna be fun :D

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