think again to build nuclear power plant

I know nuclear power doesn't make harmful greenhouse gases and small amount of nuclear can make a lot of energy right, but you should know that nuclear power is very dangerous if not be disposed of carefully, nuclear power able to destroy and kill much people, even im sure if there has a big reactor maybe the explode and radio active radiation able to kill half of people in this world.Not only that nuclear power station are at risk from terrorist attack and sabotage, so if the terrorist want to kill many people it so easy and simple way just go to nuclear reactor and try to make it explode. Im sure the country that has nuclear power really worry about that.
But never think nuclear is infinity power, i also has uranium and may run out in about 50 years and it also hard to find uranium. So if we compare the advatages and disdvantages of nuclear power, i prefer to trow away nuclear power because it very dangerous and maybe we can use another energy suck as, oil, natural gas,wind, wave, solar and etc. Even we be dispose and carrefully with nuclear power, how if eartquake comes like in japan, i don't think we always can handle that situation, but luckily japan able to control that although lost much money by that... huuuhh

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