characteristics of a good leader

The characteristics of a good leader are brave, confident, and a problem solver.
The reason why I say that because I have reason. First of all I would like to explain you
why a good leader must be brave. If the leader is not brave maybe they will be very hard to make a decission. The bigest broblem for the leader is when they are choosing decission.
Because if they make wrong decission it will be disaster for another people. And the second is confident. Leader is one person who stands in front of the people and gives and advice for another people.
So absolutly it required a confident. So if the leader doesn't have a confident that mean they don't believe to their self. I'm pretty sure another person either. And the last is problem solver.
For an example in one country there has a problem maybe like a disaster, so the employer should ask to their leader. What should they do or maybe the question is how to handle that, and then the leader will give an idea how to solve that problem. So that ahy I said leader must be problem solver. And that all charasteristics of a good leader.

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  2. yes you right, maybe our leader must be inetegrity, courage, understanding and comunicative, I agree with you, I hope my country Indonesia and your country at Toronto have a good leader that we expected....