My preparation for the national final examination in high school

When I was in senior high school I have many things to do. The first is I followed many course. The course started in 3 months before a national exam. The course focused among national exam subject
suck as math, physic, biology, Indonesian language, English language, and chemistry. And I also reduce my playing scedule and use a lot of my time to study like follow  a course to national exam. And the second I followed a national exam try out. In try out i got many information, just like how way we do or write the answer on the national exam answer paper. And in the try out they taught me about how to use a national exam gadged, like excluseve pencil, eraser, ruller for national exam. They also said we have to be careful with that paper. Because if there something wrong on that paper it would be error when the computer check the answer. So absolutly if computer error to check your answer your score will be zero.
Then after that they also told we must not be nervous because if we feel nervous we cannot focused. Just to relax but seriously. And at the night before national exam we must sleep early. That all they said to me.
So that all my preparation for the national exam.

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