Drug smugglers should be sentenced to death

How much new generation have addicted by drug, after they consume drug its mean the future has gone. Do you know how danger the drug for us, if you use drug your brain will explode, if you don't get drug because you have addicted and you better stealing money than fail to get drug, that why drug consumers are closer to criminality. and after that if you consume that your blood pressure will be faster than in normal situation, you will feel lazy to do anyting, and  the most danger is HIV aids, you know many people get hiv from drug, which why? its through injection needle. So because we know how danger the drug, i really agree if drug smugglers should be sentenced to death, Jail won't make drug smugglers gonna stop to do what they did before. I am sure after they out from the jail the will back again to be drug smuggler. And can u imagine how if innocent little boy get addicted by drug its really brutal.
Many drug smugglers give candy drug, from a kids, the shape like candy but actually its kind of drug, and after the little kids get that drug, many brain cells will broken by that, and the little innocent kids don't have any bright future anymore, so they way we deal with that bully is death penalty!!!

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