Make an Ice cream

I know that most of you love ice cream, yaa actually i love ice cream very, very much. But u know that i'm not a rich people, so I often make an ice cream by myself. The reason why I like to, becuase It's cheap, and then I have many Ice cream because I can make one giant cup hahahha, and I eat it until I'm full, so now I would like to share to you especially for ice cream lover. first of all you have to prepare:

1. Coconut milk (just one coconut)
2. Chocolate milk (the more u have the more delicious but not too much okay just one pack maybe)
3. Jelly powder (just take it one spoon i guess it enough)
4. Wheat floor (just take it one spoon i guess it enough)
5. Sugar (up to you try to use ur feeling hahaha and try to compare with the sweet milk you have:P)

So lets start it to make

1. Just mix off all of the ingrediants into a big giant in pot,
2. Put the pot on the stove, and wait until boiling
3. After that, wait the hot liquid, until become netral liquid, because if you force put it in your refrigator      
     i'm  pretty sure it will be broken :P
4. Put the liquid into your refrigator
5. Wait until 6 hours
6. After it become an ice, put the ice into mixer, and shake it...
7. After the ice become a liquid again by mixer, put it again into the refrigator
8. Wait 6 hours and taraaaaaaaa your ice cream done....

So simple and cheap indeed :D  yummmii

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