rice is staple food in indonesia

Ya I know most of you in a different country eat bread everyday because that is your staple food. Ya bread is also good food because bread has calories and carbohydrates. But if you go to Indonesia we have a different habit. We always eat rice for have lunch, dinner, even breakfast. So why Indonesian people don't want to eat bread everyday as their staple food, The reason is because they have eaten rice since they were baby. So it doesn't mean Indonesia people don't like a bread. They also like a bread but that not a staple food. Maybe in Indonesia bread just like a snack or something. That why if Indonesian people go to overseas they need rice to eat, and they don't feel full before they eat that. So why Indonesian people don't feel full or satisfied after they eat bread, however bread has many carbohydrates
that is still mystery. And many Indonesian people wonder how could people in another counter feel full in their stomach after they have eat bread. And I also need a rice for eat, bread is not staple food for me that maybe because I'm Indonesian people. There are many kind of rice you can find in Indonesian, just like Fried rice, yellow rice, white rice etc. You if you want to eat they try to visit Indonesia and feel a differences. But you should not worry if you need a bread, you also can find many kind of bread here like burger, bread with strawberry jam, chocolate and many other bread. So if you go to Indonesia sometime you shouldn't surprised when you  don't see bread on the restaurant list....

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7 komentar:

  1. salam kenal.
    just like in the Philippines, we always eat rice. But sometimes, when you are in a hurry, bread would be more convinient. Perhaps because of Western influence.

  2. ya bread its good solution when you are in hurry, i often eat bread when breakfast

  3. And those on diet, only eat bread for dinner lah. wkwk

  4. ya u right, rice is our main food. But bread just for breakfast for partially of us :)

  5. Nice Post Sob...
    Indonesia maju terussss!!! :)
    Absen malam, skalian mau berbagi MP3 Kisah Motivasi Bag. IX
    Mohon direview Sob... Thx
    Salam bLogger, :)

  6. hahaha yaa thats good for diet,

    bread for breakfast is simple and good so thats why its partially among Indonesian people,,

    ok sob thanks for comment, ntar ane review lah

  7. nice info sob, maju terus nasiii hhe :)