when tsunami comes to aceh

Today i'd like to tell, my experience when tsunami came to my village. It is my unforgettable experience. It's happened when I was a kid and I still in elementary school. Sunday 24 december 2006 in the morning I woke up early, because my friend came to may home, and he asked me to accompany him to bought a tamiya. Tamiya is kind of toy and it was very popular there. So then I decided to follow him go to shop to buy tamiya. Both of us rode a bicycle. In the way to the shop suddenly I lost control and fall in down from my bike. We shoked when we felt an eartquake. I went from my bike and sit on the street. I really felt confused when the earthquake shaked my ass. I waited until the earthquake stopped and luckily the earthquake has stopped. Then I asked to him, " Will we go to the shop" then He said he didn't want to go anymore, he wanted to go back. Afterthat we went to my home together. I met with my father and my father said to him to go to his house. He accepted that and he went to his home with me. After he has arrived to his house i went back to my home. 10 minutes later I saw many people were panic and run away through the street in front my home. They said 'water' water' wateer' but my family didn.t believe that. And my father said they were lie and we decided to stay at home.
Suddenly i saw a big water came through the runnel. Then I was panic and report to my father.
Immediately my father rode his motorbike and asked us to follow him. Afterthat my father,my mom, my young sister and I went away from the house to escape from tsunami. There are very much people in the street and they are were panic. Luckily we have arrived on the hill and we were stay here until the night.

Allright that all my experience when tsunami came to aceh, and it's unforgettable... If I have time then I will share you what is happened after tsunami come in Aceh... :-)

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6 komentar:

  1. That must be one hell of an experience. Its good you live it thru buddy.

  2. yaa buddy, i hope here no tsunami anymore

  3. Inshaallah. It would be hard to face the same terror once again.

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog and for linking me. Please allow me until Monday to link you back manually. Can't do it now as I am using mobile to access the net.

  4. yaa buddy, and lately the earthquake came here about 8,1 scala richter, but luckily it wasn't tsunami again,oh i bet you're using android, ok buddy thats ok, no problem :)

  5. salam kenal. I have already added your link in my Link Exchange page. and makasih for linking my blog as well.