commemoration tsunami in aceh

Yesterday December 26  2012 is the date that commemoration tsunami in Aceh. For the Acehnese people, 26 December is unforgettable moment. Tsunami came on december 26 2004 that killed many people in Aceh that cause a deep wound for Acehnese people. However they lost their father, mother, sister, brother and even all of their family had died by tsunami.Not only that home, money, and another gadget had lost in that moment. I know for many country for 25 and 26 they happy by Christmas but you will see a differences in Aceh. But unfortunately today I woke up late so I cannot see the commemoration directly but I still hear that people recite al-quran and dizikir to ask the forgiveness to Allah. Acehnese believe that the disaster was made by Acehnese because many people had forgotten to Allah, so god warn us with tsunami. Today is free day no school and no work. People like to go to the mosque for the commemoration. Acehnese hope no more disaster will happen in Aceh. Amen

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3 komentar:

  1. truly sad and devastating effects of losing someones love one. but let the past be buried in its own accord and move-on. my prayers to those who had suffered.

  2. artikel yang sangat bermanfaat sob

    thanks atas infonya soob :D

    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :D