two kind of dream


Everybody have a dream for themselves. Everything start from dream. Nobody in this world have no dream. Dream is an intended or about your desire on the future. So there is not dream about the past. lets think what is your dream? I believe that you have many dream on your mind. There are 2 kind of dream. The first is a true dreaming. A true dreaming means the dreaming with effort or action. For example you wanted to be astronout. You always open google and search about galaxy, planet, black hole etc. Then you start to study hard to reach your dream to be astronout. That what we call a true dreaming. For the second is sucker dream. Sucker dream is very easy to do.This dream is free. You just do nothing instead start to trow you imagination to what you are intended. And this on is what the sucker do because for this kind of dream will never be exist on the real world. How about true dreaming. All the succed people has this kind of dream. Your future depends with your dream. If you think you have a true dreaming that means you have already succed, if you don’t get it now, maybe  you may wait for awhile until you reach your dream to be exist. But believe that you will get it.
Now you choose sucker dreaming or the true dreaming that all your deacision on your hand and remember you control your life.

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