iq can be increased


a lot of superstition and myth convey IQ had come before you born (innate). It's totally incorrect if many people say IQ cannot be increased. And people don't want to try to increase their IQ. There are some ways that you can try to increase your IQ.

1. Consume a good food
The food that you have to consume for the first, is the food that constructed by complex carbohydrate such as fresh fruit, corn, peanut, yogurt, and wheat. Next, the food which have a lot of vitamin such as blueberry, cherry, carrot, and avocado. After that, you have to consume the food that have a lot omega 3 such as kod, catfish, and salmon.

2. Having an intensive learning
Even your brain is good because you always consume a good food which has a lot nutrition but you never train your brain it is impossible your IQ will be increased. However it same as a good processor computer but there has not any program or data. So it cannot work either. Having an intensive learning is the best way to train your brain and there are a lot of intensive learning you can make such as study routine every night, join a course, make a group to study everyday etc.

3. Choose a good environment
Environment can influence your brain or your intelligent. I will give you some examples
I you were a Harvard student I believe you would be smarter than now.
So how could it be? it because people around you are educated man. While when you ask them to play they will deny you and I believe after a long time you will be influence them to study together. while if you are in bad environment you will be bad for example when you in begger, or bully community you must be a sucker or a bad person

So that all you have to do for increase you IQ

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