the underage ride motorcycle


The underage shouldn't ride the motorbike for some reasons. First, the underage don't have any driving license. The people who don't have driving license mean an illegal readers. They don't have any knowledge how to ride motorbike well. It is not only danger for their selves but also for another people. There a lot of accident on the street is are caused by the underage. Next, the underage don't have a rational thinking like an adult. It is very bad for the parent if they let their children to ride motorbike however they still cannot control their emotion yet. According to professor Andy Lane the underage are interested in their ability to perform under pressure, or their emotions. So that mean the underage are interested to ride motorbike but they are don't have a mature thinking and for the accident that may happened, we cannot blame the underage instead their parent. So for that reasons i believe that the underage shouldn't ride motorcycle until they are mature or we will see a lot of accident around us.

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