place to visit in indonesia

When you have a job or a business then your boss sent you to Indonesia, And you start to be confused, What should I go when I am in Indonesia, Where is the good place to live in Indonesia, or Where is a nice place in Indonesia. You don't have to worry, Here are some place that may you visit when you are in Indonesia.

1. Bali Beach

Most of Tourist love to spend their vacation in Bali Beach. Bali is the most famous beach in Indonesia. You can enjoy the beach with a sky, sun bathing, swimming, and enjoy the natural scenery beach.

2. Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. I believe that you may send here by your company. Ya you can find a great hotel in Jakarta. Do not worry If you cannot speak Indonesia, There are many people can speak English and help you when you need it.

3. Sabang

Sabang is located in Aceh. If you want to feel another sensation of beach for sun bathing you may visit sabang, Sabang is a great beach and a lot of tourist also love to enjoy sabang's beach. Because sabang is also nice place to swim.

4. Comodo Island

If you love a jungle or want to be wild, this time to enjoy the Comodo Island in Indonesia. Comodo is the rare animal that you may see there. So if you are Interested with Comodo you may go there.

5. Borobudur temple
You all the people who are interested with art? You may visit Borobudur temple in central Java. Borobudur used to be wonders of universe, you will be amazed by a great carving and handcraft in the temple.

So that all the nice place to visit in Indonesia, Enjoy your trip and your quality time in the great place in Indonesia.

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