how to get scholarship and go abroad


Many of students have an intention to go abroad. For the people who is rich it is not a big problem to go overseas because you may use their money. So the problem must come to the poor or unlucky student.
If you think you cannot serve the money to go to overseas, so you have to choose another way. But you need the preparation to get you goal. There are some ways that you have to know how to get scholarship and go abroad.

1. Toefl
English as an international language that require for the scholarship. So toefl is the test that pupose to measure how well you speak , read, and listen in English. I think toefl is really important because most of scholarship need you to have an ability in English, because if you don't, how could you study aboard even you don't understand what the teachers say. And English test beside toefl is IELTS, TOEIC, etc. So prepare yourself.

2. having good achievement
Good achievement means your good score in the school. For instance, If you are a student you should have at least 80 per subject, for example 80 for math, 87 for Biology, 89 for Literature and so on, or you are a college student that your GPA must be more than 3.00 but actually it depends with scholarship and how much the minimum score they need. Study hard is the only way to get a good achievement.

3. Art
Most of scholarship apply the art as their requirement. Especially if you have a handcraft skill from your country the will appreciate that. So think what kind of handcraft that you can make.

4.Active student
They need an active student. they want the student who get the scholarship is an active student especially the student who active in the organization. Usually they will ask you what the organization that have you joined.

So that all only 4 things for you are students who want a scholarship. I hope this helpful and good luck.

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