bad habit of acehnese

People in Aceh are very smart. Most of them always consume  fish. As we know that Aceh is a part of Indonesia provinces that have an ocean which is clean from pollution. While people in java cannot find fish as easy as people in Aceh. Fish have a lot that omega 3 that very good for human brain. So why Acehnese cannot be smart as people in Java? Acehnese have some bad activities or habit. The activity is wasting time in coffee shop. Acehnese love spending their time by sitting in coffee shop and talking about other people. At one side this is very good for keeping a good relationship with each other but, it also has a very bad effect. It is true if the relationship among Acehnese very good. People in Aceh really care to each other. They love helping when people in trouble. Due to coffee shop the next generation of Aceh cannot elevate their skill or proficiency because they just spend their time in the coffee shop. Now those people in the others province do? They may not have a good relationship as good as Acehnese, but they really have a great improvement by spending time correctly. They love spending their time on the library, campus, laboratories, etc. What a great managing time!. This habit must be deleted. Acehnese have to be raised, people in Aceh have a great talent if they want to use it. Come on Acehnese this is our time to show our ability to the world. No coffee shop anymore!!

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