how to love studying

Many students have a problem because they dislike to learn or study. But deep in their hard I pretty sure that they want to study. Why most of people don't love to study? because it require an energy of brain. When people try to use brain energy, they will lose alot of power and makes tired. Brain has some similarity with muscle. Muscle and brain can be improved if you want to. You may do exercise when you try to build your muscle while you will study when you want to enhance your intelligent. So if you want to love studying first, you must love what is or what material that you have to study and also what is the purpose. What is your intention for studying. For example, I study hard because someday I will be scientist. Most people only love the result but hate the proses to catch their intention. For example, when someone flies their imagination on the great stage rock and roll but, he never try to sing or playing music. If this situation is happened by yourself, you have to change your bad habit. Remember people can be succeed because they love the process and they way how to gain it. So now lets start to love your process, and  also your intention, as a process of studying.

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