So what for this sharing. ya the purpose only to share our sucks problem in our life. Life is not easy absolutely. We have to deal with a condition in our life. That okay if  the condition is good so how if it sucks. If it sucks, it will make a problem in our life. When that problem will be gone? that must be a big question? Unfortunately problem will never be end. Will the problem be gone after you've died? nooooo. There are a lot of problem that have to be accountable to the god. Is there anybody who has no problem? no everybody has a problem, but it depends how that people cope their problems. Actually, problems are important for our life. Many people suceed because of problem. They always learn with the problems in their life. In the other hand, others people fail is also due to the problems because they cannot learn with them. So we must not escape or run from the problems but, we have to deal and learn with them.

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