my positive attitude towards another language


My father was born in simelue. He has his own language is called defayan. Defayan is a language which difference by acehnese and Indonesian. Most of people in Simelue use their own language so they cannot speak Indonesian or Acehnese fluently. According to my father who is a native speaker of sinabang language “ Defayan language uses in remote area while in Sinabang city most of the use Bahasa Jame”

So today as his son I would like share to you about my positive attitude and my research toward my father’s language. Before I begin I will explain you what is language attitude.

“Language attitude is the attitude of person towards one own language or toward speaker difference language. This attitude can be seen from is or her expression of positive or negative feelings toward of language”.

 So because i’m positive that means I love my father language. When I was a kid I used to learn defayan language but unfortunately I can’t. I still remember some words that my father taught to me such as ‘olol’ means ‘rain’, ‘linon’ mean ‘earthquake’, ‘mangan’ mean ‘eat’, ‘marepen’ means ‘cool’, ‘uhaik’ mean ‘no’ and so on. That words must be weird or odd for the people who have never heard about defayan language.

When I went to my hometown I met my family that used Defayan language. I couldn’t understand at all but I was listening. When they spoke to me I felt that weird because they used their accent when they were speakeing Indonesian. They didn’t speak Indonesian fluently. In the other hand my father who has lived with me for a long time he doesn’t have sinabang accent anymore. He speaks like my mother does. So I judge him as a person who has a negative attitude towards his own language. I blame this problem for my father because he didn’t teach me about my ancestor language. When I tried to speak defayan language he didn’t give me a positive feedback so I was surrender to learn.

When I asked to him to teach me, he only gave word per word not teach me to speak. I was disappointed when my father was talking to my grandpa. They seem use a secret code which I and my mother don’t know. In remote area of simelue there are some people who cannot speak Indonesian at all. Especially for the people who didn’t enroll to the school. My father said he got the education of Indonesian language only from his school.

Long times ago, If we go to the remote area in Simelue we have to bring an interpreter or a translator to speak to them. Now because the education is growing so fast people in sinabang have been able to speak Indonesia. When I and my father went to sinabang in 2000 we saw that a lot of people understood Indonesian Language. Even in the capital City of Simelue Island that is Sinabang we saw that the Defayan Language and bahasa Jame is faded. Now most of people there use Indonesian Language.

 So for the conclusion according to my research Sinabang language is being faded because the people who are the native speaker of sinabang language have a negative attitude and do not want to maintaince their language.

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