indonesian education is suck

As Indonesian people we don't have to say, Indonesian is a good country, Indonesia has a great education, Indonesian is a rich country bla bla bla. Come on man open your eyes. Just be honest and say Indonesia is suck. What the invention that Indonesia have made, nothing maaaan, besides useless thing. After a long time have passed, our government never aware with wrong education that they have made. In early age, pupils is forced to study all of subject until they register to university. Remember we are as a human being cannot be master in all aspects. But why government do this fucking rule? we still don't know the answer. In another country, the system of education is very different with us. They just choose what subject they love, And improve it. Absolutely they also learn about the common subject such as, math, sains, social and so on, but not so much. In Indonesia what the fuck about UN (national exam) even government has known how much cheat that has happened but they just pretending know nothing with that. And they try to disagree about my opinion Indonesia have no invention, they have made a robot, a  new phone, car, this is like a garbage or crab. No body what buy this products. Because they are really suck.We don't have any master in this aspect but we just have a lot of people that has a lot of skill but no master in any aspect. No quality. So come on people open you eyes this is our time to change our system of education. Because education is the best aspect that can improve our country in everything. believe that!!!

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