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Dear Vera

Hey Vera how are you? I hope you are good now. I received your letter yesterday but due to I was tired yesterday, I could not replay it immediately. By the way now I'm studying in English Department at Syiah Kuala University. I have been busy with my task and homework. I'm not lazy as you know me before because, I have changed now. I often study in the afternoon or in the free time. Now I'm in the fourth semester. I have been studying since 2011 and I love English so much. Everyday I speak English with my friends. For example, when we were in coffee shop, We spoke English each other. I remember the most embarrassing moment that we had together. It was about our math score. I think you know about that. Last week my friends and I went to hillside. Hillside is a place where we can having fun and go swimming. If you go to Banda Aceh, Do not forget to tell to me. I will accompany you to go shopping, swimming, fishing etc. How are you getting along? Please write as soon as you receive this letter.

Your friend


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