should rich country help poor country in economy


In this world, there are many country facing the problem of economy not only for poor nation but also for the wealthy nation. The reason that country become rich, because they could manage the economy problem. In reality, many people believe that, wealth county should help the poor nation, because the have a speculation that, poor country is a destiny and they need for help.
the true reason, poor nations do not need a help for other by these following reasons,

First, there are no guaranteed that poor nation will deal with the economy by the help of other nation if they do not help themselves. They must help themselves to grow their nation. In another word, without the power of their civilization, the county could not deal their economy problem. It is true, if they could make a cooperation to the wealth country, but we must admit that nowadays to make a good cooperation we need win-win solution, or the wealth county also need a beneficial from the cooperation.

When the country does not have any source of the economy product, there are no reasons for the country to exist. In the definition country means a group of people who can live with their own. The group of people who can create the economy product for their own. That what we call a country. In conclusion, without a source of economy, country could not alive. There are many source that could live the country including, human, oil, coal, industrial etc.

Second, wealth country also need to control of the economy because wealth country usually also have a big problem to face including the economy.

After that, when wealth county help other county by looking high advantage without win-win solution it could create a colonization. We agree that colonization is illegal. Even by the reason of helping other country.

So there are no such reason for other for other country to help the poor nation. Let those country grow themselves and become independent.

The best solution, cooperation with win-win solution is the best way to face a poor nation such as, international employee, students exchange, trading of good, etc.

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