the way to put html code in blog


Sometime you want to paste or write html code in your blog. Especially when you want to share some blogger tutorial which is needed html code. However, you probably wonder why the code that you put in your blog appear differently after you post it. The answer to solve your problem is simple you need to phrase your code.

If you paste html code directly in your blog, the code would appear differently from your own code. So you need an alternative code to post in your blog then the result would be same as your first original html code. In order to do that there 2 ways that you could do, chose a hard way or easy way

1. A hard way would spend a little of your time, because you should learn parsing the code by studying from the internet. You should understand how blogger phrase the code and find an alternative code would result the same as the original. About the tutorial you should search it on the internet.

2. In easy way you just need paste your code in the box below, then past in your post directly.

Well you may also get this widget by get the button and post in your own blog by put the code in html mode.

When you chose number two you just past the code here, the past to your posting directly.

Its up to  you to choose number 1 or number 2. When you chose number 1 you could be a good in blog because you understand the code well. At the other hand if you chose number 2 you could save your time.

So that all about the way how to put html code in blog, I hope it could help you.

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