is computer education compulsory in school


Today, computer is become too mainstream, almost everybody has computer in their home, whether in form of laptop or pc. Some people believe that computer education is a must in school because computer is very important for a student. Well, it is true that computer is very important for students, but the question is do we need to teach computer in this era.

Lets take a look on reality. Now computer is very easy to find. Even, today we have a high technology that provide window computer just in the form of small gadget. Since computer is to easy find, computer education is not compulsory anymore. Students can easily acquire skill by themselves. In developed country it is very rare to find a student who cannot operate computer.

This phenomena occur due to children are very interested in computer. Old people might think computer is a valuable skill. How ever in this era computer is not even skill anymore. Everybody can operate computer. Since they were kid, they already know to operate the technology start from playing game on smartphone until in the window operating systems.

So, computer education is compulsory in school just an old thought. New theory is computer can be learned automatically in home or outside. If you just think that what kid playing now is the same as what you played when you were kid, then you are totally wrong. In your era, you might play with you harvest, pets, kite etc, but for newborn kind what they playing is almost related to the computer. Today kid seems to play via computer whether online game or offline. For old man of course it is difficult to understand why kid love virtual game, but trust me, what they do now is what they love.
Well, now you understand why computer education is not compulsory anymore in school. However, it just work for the basic skill. For the high computer skill just like programming or editing, of course, the education computer about this high level skill is very important for the students. Not only for a students but also for everybody especially in this high technology era.

So that all the reason why teaching basic computer is not compulsory anymore in school. If you have your opinion about teaching computer in school, just give a comment and let me know about it.

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